Future of FAF.


This is the second post I will write as myself (Ze_PilOt).

As you read it last post, I feel done with this project.

It has been, and still is, a ton of fun to do. Sadly after three years of full commitment, it’s becoming a burden and it is … Continue reading

Simpler explanation about the change.


  • You can test it any time and give feedback on the forum (featured mod : engy redesign).
  • Nothing is written in stone, and it will goes through the usual test period (but has been already tested for months now).
  • It’s about removing dead-end paths (like upgrading multiple factories).
  • You can think of the HeadQuarter as the current T1/T3 factory. It’s indeed the same thing. You can still assist it like you did before, it’s still more efficient, but not by a long stretch like before.

Why is it either “that change + future change OR nothing in the future” ? Why not a “Not that change but other changes in the future” option ?

  • Even it does not alter the game more than you may think, it’s an important change that fit in the general design of FAF (making the game more fluid to play).
  • Some (vocal) people are against that, even if it (or any change) can be reverted any time if proven bad for gameplay. We want to see how many are really against such thing.
  • Even we think that this change is mandatory for FA to have a future, We don’t want to push something most people don’t want.
  • If the majority of you is against such change, FAF has probably (and sadly) reached its goal and have nothing to bring to FA anymore. (I do not believe that, but some people do).

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New lobby version released ! Patch 3611 released !

thygrrr ( for the lobby part) and Raging Squirrel (for the web/vault part) spent the last month redoing the lobby for the first official public release.

Today, you will have access to a open-beta of this new lobby.

What does it mean ?

It’s not the definitive lobby. The code … Continue reading