FAF Development Call #12 – 01/10/2017

Hello Commanders! The council and developers of FAF have discussed some new topics that can be found on our channel. We streamed the video so you can have a look at what has been discussed. Here’s the video for you: https://youtu.be/t__2Ue-3Z7Y – Administrative Topics: Visionik (who used to pay for Slack … Continue reading

Expect FAF to be down next Monday

As you may know, FAF is still running on expensive servers for which Visionik is paying. In order to cut the reliance on a very generous donator, we are going to move to cheaper servers next Monday, 2017-10-09. The costs for the new servers will be covered by our Patreon income (feel free to … Continue reading

2017-08-28 Server Update v0.9.2

The server has been updated to v0.9.2. Just like with the previous updates, this one mainly focused on further improving our database in order to prevent bugs and inconsistencies as well as prepare for new features and easier maintenance. The database now allows storing reviews for maps, mods, and games. A … Continue reading