UAL0001Armored Command Unit
URL0001Armored Command Unit
UEL0001Armored Command Unit
XSL0001Armored Command Unit
UAL0301T3 Support Armored Command Unit
URL0301T3 Support Armored Command Unit
UEL0301T3 Support Armored Command Unit
XSL0301T3 Support Armored Command Unit
UAL0105T1 Engineer
URL0105T1 Engineer
UEL0105T1 Engineer
XSL0105T1 Engineer: Iya-istle
UAL0208T2 Engineer
XRB0104T2 Engineering Station: The Hive
XRB0204T2 Engineering Station: The Hive
XRB0304T2 Engineering Station: The Hive
URL0208T2 Engineer
XEB0104T2 Engineering Station: The Kennel
UEL0208T2 Engineer
XEL0209T2 Field Engineer: Sparky
XSL0208T2 Engineer: Iya
UAL0309T3 Engineer
URL0309T3 Engineer
XEB0204T3 Engineering Station: The Kennel
UEL0309T3 Engineer
XSL0309T3 Engineer: Iyathuum
Building - Factory
UAB0101T1 Land Factory
UAB0102T1 Air Factory
UAB0103T1 Naval Factory
URB0101T1 Land Factory
URB0102T1 Air Factory
URB0103T1 Naval Factory
UEB0101T1 Land Factory
UEB0102T1 Air Factory
UEB0103T1 Naval Factory
XSB0101T1 Land Factory: Hethiya
XSB0102T1 Air Factory: Ia-iya
XSB0103T1 Naval Factory: Uosiya
UAB0201T2 Land Factory HQ
UAB0202T2 Air Factory HQ
UAB0203T2 Naval Factory HQ
ZAB9501T2 Land Factory
ZAB9502T2 Air Factory
ZAB9503T2 Naval Factory
URB0201T2 Land Factory HQ
URB0202T2 Air Factory HQ
URB0203T2 Naval Factory HQ
XRL0004T2 Crab Egg (Flak)
ZRB9501T2 Land Factory
ZRB9502T2 Air Factory
ZRB9503T2 Naval Factory
UEB0201T2 Land Factory HQ
UEB0202T2 Air Factory HQ
UEB0203T2 Naval Factory HQ
ZEB9501T2 Land Factory
ZEB9502T2 Air Factory
ZEB9503T2 Naval Factory
XSB0201T2 Land Factory HQ: Hethiya
XSB0202T2 Air Factory HQ: Ia-iya
XSB0203T2 Naval Factory HQ: Uosiya
ZSB9501T2 Land Factory: Hethiya
ZSB9502T2 Air Factory: Ia-iya
ZSB9503T2 Naval Factory: Uosiya
UAB0301T3 Land Factory HQ
UAB0302T3 Air Factory HQ
UAB0303T3 Naval Factory HQ
UAB0304T3 Quantum Gateway: Portal
ZAB9601T3 Land Factory
ZAB9602T3 Air Factory
ZAB9603T3 Naval Factory
URB0301T3 Land Factory HQ
URB0302T3 Air Factory HQ
URB0303T3 Naval Factory HQ
URB0304T3 Quantum Gateway: Summoner
XRL0002T3 Crab Egg (Engineer)
XRL0003T3 Crab Egg (Brick)
XRL0005T3 Crab Egg (Artillery)
ZRB9601T3 Land Factory
ZRB9602T3 Air Factory
ZRB9603T3 Naval Factory
UEB0301T3 Land Factory HQ
UEB0302T3 Air Factory HQ
UEB0303T3 Naval Factory HQ
UEB0304T3 Quantum Gateway: QGW R-32
ZEB9601T3 Land Factory
ZEB9602T3 Air Factory
ZEB9603T3 Naval Factory
XSB0301T3 Land Factory HQ: Hethiya
XSB0302T3 Air Factory HQ: Ia-iya
XSB0303T3 Naval Factory HQ: Uosiya
XSB0304T3 Quantum Gateway: Aezthu-uhthe
ZSB9601T3 Land Factory: Hethiya
ZSB9602T3 Air Factory: Ia-iya
ZSB9603T3 Naval Factory: Uosiya
Building - Economy
UAB1101T1 Power Generator
UAB1102T1 Hydrocarbon Power Plant
UAB1103T1 Mass Extractor
UAB1105T1 Energy Storage
UAB1106T1 Mass Storage
URB1101T1 Power Generator
URB1102T1 Hydrocarbon Power Plant
URB1103T1 Mass Extractor
URB1105T1 Energy Storage
URB1106T1 Mass Storage
UEB1101T1 Power Generator
UEB1102T1 Hydrocarbon Power Plant: HCPP - X1000
UEB1103T1 Mass Extractor: Mass Pump 1
UEB1105T1 Energy Storage
UEB1106T1 Mass Storage
XSB1101T1 Power Generator: Uya-iya
XSB1102T1 Hydrocarbon Power Plant: Uya-atoh
XSB1103T1 Mass Extractor: Hyalatoh
XSB1105T1 Energy Storage: Vishuyal
XSB1106T1 Mass Storage: Vishyal
UAB1104T2 Mass Fabricator
UAB1201T2 Power Generator
UAB1202T2 Mass Extractor
URB1104T2 Mass Fabricator
URB1201T2 Power Generator
URB1202T2 Mass Extractor
UEB1104T2 Mass Fabricator
UEB1201T2 Power Generator: EG - 200 Fusion Reactor
UEB1202T2 Mass Extractor: Mass Pump 2
XSB1104T2 Mass Fabricator: Hyaliya
XSB1201T2 Power Generator: Uya-iya
XSB1202T2 Mass Extractor: Hyalatoh
UAB1301T3 Power Generator: Quantum Reactor
UAB1302T3 Mass Extractor
UAB1303T3 Mass Fabricator
URB1301T3 Power Generator: Ion Reactor
URB1302T3 Mass Extractor
URB1303T3 Mass Fabricator
UEB1301T3 Power Generator: EG 900 Fusion Reactor
UEB1302T3 Mass Extractor: Mass Pump 3
UEB1303T3 Mass Fabricator
XSB1301T3 Power Generator: Uya-iya
XSB1302T3 Mass Extractor: Hyalatoh
XSB1303T3 Mass Fabricator: Hyaliya
XAB1401Experimental Resource Generator: Paragon
Building - Weapon
UAB2101T1 Point Defense: Erupter
UAB2104T1 Anti-Air Turret: Seeker
UAB2109T1 Torpedo Launcher: Tide
URB2101T1 Point Defense: Auto Gun
URB2104T1 Anti-Air Turret: Tracer
URB2109T1 Torpedo Launcher: Scuttle
UEB2101T1 Point Defense: DM1 Plasma Cannon
UEB2104T1 Anti-Air Turret: DA1 Railgun
UEB2109T1 Torpedo Launcher: DN1
XSB2101T1 Point Defense: Uttaus
XSB2104T1 Anti-Air Defense: Ialla
XSB2109T1 Torpedo Launcher: Sou-atha
UAB2108T2 Tactical Missile Launcher: Serpentine
UAB2204T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Marr
UAB2205T2 Torpedo Launcher: Wave Break
UAB2301T2 Point Defense: Oblivion
UAB2303T2 Artillery Installation: Miasma
URB2108T2 Tactical Missile Launcher: TML-4
URB2204T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Burst Master
URB2205T2 Torpedo Launcher: Nanite Torpedo Array
URB2301T2 Point Defense: Cerberus
URB2303T2 Artillery Installation: Gunther
UEB2108T2 Tactical Missile Launcher: Aloha
UEB2204T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Air Cleaner
UEB2205T2 Torpedo Launcher: Tsunami
UEB2301T2 Point Defense: Triad
UEB2303T2 Artillery Installation: Klink Hammer
XSB2108T2 Tactical Missile Launcher: Ythis
XSB2204T2 Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Sinnatha
XSB2205T2 Torpedo Launcher: Uosthu
XSB2301T2 Point Defense: Uttaushala
XSB2303T2 Artillery Installation: Zthuthaam
UAB2302T3 Heavy Artillery Installation: Emissary
UAB2304T3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher: Transcender
UAB2305T3 Strategic Missile Launcher: Apocalypse
XAB2307T3 Rapid-Fire Artillery Installation: Salvation
URB2302T3 Heavy Artillery Installation: Disruptor
URB2304T3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher: Myrmidon
URB2305T3 Strategic Missile Launcher: Liberator
XRB2308T3 Torpedo Ambushing System: HARMS
UEB2302T3 Heavy Artillery Installation: Duke
UEB2304T3 Anti-Air SAM Launcher: Flayer
UEB2305T3 Strategic Missile Launcher: Stonager
XEB2306T3 Heavy Point Defense: Ravager
XSB2302T3 Heavy Artillery Installation: Hovatham
XSB2304T3 Anti-Air Defense: Iathu-ioz
XSB2305T3 Strategic Missile Launcher: Hastue
UEB2401Experimental Artillery: Mavor
XSB2401Experimental Missile Launcher: Yolona Oss
Building - Defense
UAB4201T2 Tactical Missile Defense: Volcano
UAB4202T2 Shield Generator: Shield of Light
UAB4203T2 Stealth Field Generator: Veil
URB4201T2 Tactical Missile Defense: Zapper
URB4202T2 Shield Generator: ED1
URB4203T2 Stealth Field Generator: Twilight
URB4204T2 Shield Generator: ED2
URB4205T2 Shield Generator: ED3
URB4206T2 Shield Generator: ED4
URB4207T2 Shield Generator: ED5
UEB4201T2 Tactical Missile Defense: Buzzkill
UEB4202T2 Shield Generator: SD - Pulse
UEB4203T2 Stealth Field Generator: Scattershield
XSB4201T2 Tactical Missile Defense: Ythisatha
XSB4202T2 Shield Generator: Atha
XSB4203T2 Stealth Field Generator: Sele-ioz
UAB4301T3 Heavy Shield Generator: Radiance
UAB4302T3 Strategic Missile Defense: Patron
URB4302T3 Strategic Missile Defense: Guardian
UEB4301T3 Heavy Shield Generator: HSD Pulse
UEB4302T3 Strategic Missile Defense: Nuke Eliminator
XSB4301T3 Heavy Shield Generator: Athanuhthe
XSB4302T3 Strategic Missile Defense: Ythisioz
Building - Sensor
UAB3101T1 Radar System
UAB3102T1 Sonar System
URB3101T1 Radar System: Magno
URB3102T1 Sonar System: Noah
UEB3101T1 Radar System: SA1 - 1000
UEB3102T1 Sonar System: SP1 - 1000
XSB3101T1 Radar System: Esel
XSB3102T1 Sonar System: Shou
UAB3201T2 Radar System
UAB3202T2 Sonar System
URB3201T2 Radar System: Magno XR
URB3202T2 Sonar System: Flood
UEB3201T2 Radar System: SA2 - 2000
UEB3202T2 Sonar System: SP2 - 2000
XSB3201T2 Radar System: Sele-esel
XSB3202T2 Sonar System: Shou-esel
UAB3104T3 Omni Sensor Array: Oculus
UAS0305T3 Sonar Platform
XAB3301T3 Quantum Optics Facility: Eye of Rhianne
URB3104T3 Omni Sensor Array: Olympus
URS0305T3 Sonar Platform: Flood XR
XRB3301T3 Perimeter Monitoring System: Soothsayer
UEB3104T3 Omni Sensor Array: SA3 - Omni
UES0305T3 Sonar Platform: SP3 - 3000
XSB3104T3 Omni Sensor Suite: Aezesel
UAA0101T1 Air Scout: Mirage
UAA0102T1 Interceptor: Conservator
UAA0103T1 Attack Bomber: Shimmer
UAA0107T1 Light Air Transport: Chariot
URA0101T1 Air Scout: Flying Eyes
URA0102T1 Interceptor: Prowler
URA0103T1 Attack Bomber: Zeus
URA0107T1 Light Air Transport: Skyhook
XRA0105T1 Light Gunship: Jester
UEA0101T1 Air Scout: Hummingbird
UEA0102T1 Interceptor: Cyclone
UEA0103T1 Attack Bomber: Scorcher
UEA0107T1 Light Air Transport: C-6 Courier
XSA0101T1 Air Scout: Sele-istle
XSA0102T1 Interceptor: Ia-atha
XSA0103T1 Attack Bomber: Sinnve
XSA0107T1 Light Air Transport: Vish
DAA0206T2 Guided Missile: Mercy
UAA0104T2 Air Transport: Aluminar
UAA0203T2 Gunship: Specter
UAA0204T2 Torpedo Bomber: Skimmer
XAA0202T2 Combat Fighter: Swift Wind
DRA0202T2 Fighter/Bomber: Corsair
URA0104T2 Air Transport: Dragon Fly
URA0203T2 Gunship: Renegade
URA0204T2 Torpedo Bomber: Cormorant
DEA0202T2 Fighter/Bomber: Janus
UEA0104T2 Air Transport: C14 Star Lifter
UEA0203T2 Gunship: Stinger
UEA0204T2 Torpedo Bomber: Stork
XSA0104T2 Air Transport: Vishala
XSA0202T2 Fighter/Bomber: Notha
XSA0203T2 Gunship: Vulthoo
XSA0204T2 Torpedo Bomber: Uosioz
UAA0302T3 Spy Plane: Seer
UAA0303T3 Air-Superiority Fighter: Corona
UAA0304T3 Strategic Bomber: Shocker
XAA0305T3 AA Gunship: Restorer
XAA0306T3 Torpedo Bomber: Solace
URA0302T3 Spy Plane: Spook
URA0303T3 Air Superiority Fighter: Gemini
URA0304T3 Strategic Bomber: Revenant
XRA0305T3 Heavy Gunship: Wailer
UEA0302T3 Spy Plane: SR90 Blackbird
UEA0303T3 Air-Superiority Fighter: Wasp
UEA0304T3 Strategic Bomber: Ambassador
UEA0305T3 Heavy Gunship: Broadsword
XEA0306T3 Heavy Air Transport: Continental
XSA0302T3 Spy Plane: Iaselen
XSA0303T3 Air-Superiority Fighter: Iazyne
XSA0304T3 Strategic Bomber: Sinntha
UAA0310Experimental Aircraft Carrier: CZAR
URA0401Experimental Gunship: Soul Ripper
XEA0002Defense Satellite
XSA0402Experimental Bomber: Ahwassa
UAL0101T1 Land Scout: Spirit
UAL0103T1 Mobile Light Artillery: Fervor
UAL0104T1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Thistle
UAL0106T1 Light Assault Bot: Flare
UAL0201T1 Light Tank: Aurora
URL0101T1 Land Scout: Mole
URL0103T1 Mobile Light Artillery: Medusa
URL0104T1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Sky Slammer
URL0106T1 Light Assault Bot: Hunter
URL0107T1 Assault Bot: Mantis
UEL0101T1 Land Scout: Snoop
UEL0103T1 Mobile Light Artillery: Lobo
UEL0104T1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Archer
UEL0106T1 Light Assault Bot: Mech Marine
UEL0201T1 Medium Tank: MA12 Striker
XSL0101T1 Combat Scout: Selen
XSL0103T1 Mobile Light Artillery: Zthuee
XSL0104T1 Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Ia-istle
XSL0201T1 Medium Tank: Thaam
UAL0111T2 Mobile Missile Launcher: Evensong
UAL0202T2 Heavy Tank: Obsidian
UAL0205T2 Mobile AA Flak Artillery: Ascendant
UAL0307T2 Mobile Shield Generator: Asylum
XAL0203T2 Assault Tank: Blaze
DRL0204T2 Rocket Bot: Hoplite
URL0111T2 Mobile Missile Launcher: Viper
URL0202T2 Heavy Tank: Rhino
URL0203T2 Amphibious Tank: Wagner
URL0205T2 Mobile AA Flak Artillery: Banger
URL0306T2 Mobile Stealth Field System: Deceiver
XRL0302T2 Mobile Bomb: Fire Beetle
DEL0204T2 Gatling Bot: Mongoose
UEL0111T2 Mobile Missile Launcher: Flapjack
UEL0202T2 Heavy Tank: Pillar
UEL0203T2 Amphibious Tank: Riptide
UEL0205T2 Mobile AA Flak Artillery: Sky Boxer
UEL0307T2 Mobile Shield Generator: Parashield
XSL0111T2 Mobile Missile Launcher: Ythisah
XSL0202T2 Assault Bot: Ilshavoh
XSL0203T2 Hover Tank: Yenzyne
XSL0205T2 Mobile Anti-Air Cannon: Iashavoh
DAL0310T3 Shield Disruptor: Absolver
UAL0303T3 Heavy Assault Bot: Harbinger Mark IV
UAL0304T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Serenity
XAL0305T3 Sniper Bot: Sprite Striker
URL0303T3 Siege Assault Bot: Loyalist
URL0304T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Trebuchet
XRL0305T3 Armored Assault Bot: The Brick
UEL0303T3 Heavy Assault Bot: Titan
UEL0304T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Demolisher
XEL0305T3 Armored Assault Bot: Percival
XEL0306T3 Mobile Missile Platform: Spearhead
XSL0303T3 Siege Tank: Othuum
XSL0304T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery: Suthanus
XSL0305T3 Sniper Bot: Usha-Ah
XSL0307T3 Mobile Shield Generator: Athanah
UAL0401Experimental Assault Bot: Galactic Colossus
URL0401Experimental Mobile Rapid-Fire Artillery: Scathis
URL0402Experimental Spiderbot: Monkeylord
XRL0403Experimental Megabot: Megalith
UEL0401Experimental Mobile Factory: Fatboy
XSL0401Experimental Assault Bot: Ythotha
UAS0102T1 Air Attack Boat: Shard
UAS0103T1 Frigate: Beacon Class
UAS0203T1 Attack Submarine: Sylph
URS0103T1 Frigate: Trident Class
URS0203T1 Attack Submarine: Sliver
UES0103T1 Frigate: Thunderhead Class
UES0203T1 Attack Submarine: Tigershark
XSS0103T1 Frigate: Hau-esel
XSS0203T1 Attack Submarine: Sou-istle
UAS0201T2 Destroyer: Exodus Class
UAS0202T2 Cruiser: Infinity Class
XAS0204T2 Submarine Hunter: Vesper
URS0201T2 Destroyer: Salem Class
URS0202T2 Cruiser: Siren Class
XRS0204T2 Submarine Killer: Barracuda
XRS0205T2 Counter-Intelligence Boat: CI:18 Mermaid
UES0201T2 Destroyer: Valiant Class
UES0202T2 Cruiser: Governor Class
XES0102T2 Torpedo Boat: Cooper
XES0205T2 Shield Boat: Bulwark
XSS0201T2 Destroyer: Uashavoh
XSS0202T2 Cruiser: Ithalua
UAS0302T3 Battleship: Omen Class
UAS0303T3 Aircraft Carrier: Keefer Class
UAS0304T3 Strategic Missile Submarine: Silencer
XAS0306T3 Missile Ship: Torrent Class
URS0302T3 Battleship: Galaxy Class
URS0303T3 Aircraft Carrier: Command Class
URS0304T3 Strategic Missile Submarine: Plan B
UES0302T3 Battleship: Summit Class
UES0304T3 Strategic Missile Submarine: Ace
XES0307T3 Battlecruiser: Neptune Class
XSS0302T3 Battleship: Hauthuum
XSS0303T3 Aircraft Carrier: Iavish
XSS0304T3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou
UAS0401Experimental Battleship: Tempest
UES0401Experimental Aircraft Carrier: Atlantis
UAB5101T1 Wall Section
URB5101T1 Wall Section
UEB5101T1 Wall Section: Calcicrete
XSB5101T1 Wall Section: Haas
UAB5202T2 Air Staging Facility: Cradle
URB5202T2 Air Staging Facility
UEB5202T2 Air Staging Facility: Refuel & Repair
XSB5202T2 Air Staging Beacon: Iathu-uhthe
XEB2402Experimental Satellite System: Novax Center