Download and connection issues (IP v6)

Dear commanders,

we are receiving a lot of complaints about unavailable services. In detail the What’s new? tab in the client, downloads from our content servers (maps, mods, replays, etc.) are broken for all users using IPv6.

We are aware of this issue and sorry for the inconvenience. While fixing the server setup might take a while, a confirmed workaround is deactivating IPv6 on your computer. Our fellow contributers have created a walkthrough how to do that on Windows 10 in our wiki here (use on your own risk).

Game Patch 3708

Hello Commanders!

Today we released a new development patch with the patch number 3708!
New features include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved shader for Seraphim
  • A Curated Maps Button in the game lobby to promote maps picked by the M&M Councilor
  • Auto fill lobby slots
  • Remove invulnerability from the Novax Satellite to avoid bug abuses
  • Destroying the Billy Nuclear Missile when hitting Aeon TMD projectiles

You can find more information about this patch and a list of people who contributed to it on our github repository!

Thanks to all the people who help improving the game!
~ The dev team

Issue Hunt on FAF

Do you want to see fixes/changes implemented into the FAF client, but might not be interested in the development work? You can contribute with Issue Hunt:

Linked with a GitHub account, you can set up bounties on suggested features or bugs if accepted, and contributors can turn in their work in order to receive that reward. Alternatively you can tackle the issue yourself, and once it is reviewed to work correctly, you will earn the bounty! If you want to join up, check out this video on Issue Hunt by axel12:

Join our Tester Group on Discord

Want to help out our developers with client/game features? We have a dedicated role on the official discord for testing, and we are open to receiving feedback on potential bugs and issues in future releases!

If you want to get started, you can obtain the role on the discord with !subscribe Tester in the #faf-testing channel. The more data we gather from testers, the smoother and faster it may be to see fixes and new features for our client.

Thanks for your time!

New clan app + Website update

The website has just been updated and now displays a live player/game counter on the front page. But most importantly:

The new clan app is here! You can check it out at:

(currently still in testing, be sure to forward any bug or feature request to )

Have a nice day!

  • Louvegarde

Nomads Version 83 Release

Today its time to release Nomads V 83

This patch contains 137 commits, just a couple of months after the previous release, making Nomads the most actively developed project on FAF! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the mod so far for making this possible!

You can play the newest version right now by clicking the nomads featured mod from the list on the side of the client, enjoy!

You can talk to us, see what we do, get help with modding supcom from the resident experts and much more on our Nomads discord server here:

We are extremely happy to be able to show off our newest model of the beamer! Fully animated, and looking better than ever, you will be able to play with it right now!

For more exciting changes, and to leave your much-needed feedback, you can check out the accompanying forum post here: