New IRC Server deployed

Hello FAF,

today between 11am and 2pm GMT we deployed the new IRC server.

The disruption was planned to last only a couple of minutes, but sadly we had some issues getting everything back together.

The IRC server should now be running as usual and, most importantly, the connection limit has been changed to allow up to 3000 simultaneous clients which should mean an end to the weekend congestion.

After we adapt the setup and configuration of the server based on the lessons learned today, there will be another update. Expect that to come in a couple weeks.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy the new IRC!

— Sheeo and OpressiveDuke

Chat update battle in progress!!

Today 23.1.2017 IRC chat is being updated to support over 1000 connections

Detailed report below

Coallition Archives
Day X:
[1253] QAI has rebelled, following the orders of the Seraphim, crippling Quantum Communication (#aeolus) disallowing communication on FAF.

[1255] AeonCommander joining Order forces to support QAI’s efforts

[1301] Emergency meeting room has been set up on the Slack

[1303] Developers’ forces of different countries unite under single command (Coallition) to face the new threat

[1307] Commander Duke and Sheeo are being dispatched to deal with QAI and Order forces, reboot QAI’s mainframe and restore Quantum Communication (#aeolus)

[1310] The battle begins

[1315] Basic base set up, commanders Duke and Sheeo are ready to launch their first offensive. Objective: Capture first QAI’s node to reveal it’s real plans.

[1322] QAI supported by Order forces successfully defends the first attack.

[1327] 17 mintes since the battle started and Coallition forces have first success, QAI’s forward base falls, the patch to the node is clear.

[1330] First node captured.

[1332] Data from the node indicates large Mainframe nearby.

[1335] Transports are loaded and Coallition commanders begining their assault on the Mainframe. Objective: Access QAI’s Mainframe and reboot it with our updates to get QAI back under control.

[1340] Assault fails, wing of Order ASFs destroyed most of the transport before they reached their destination, remaining forces were not enough to establish a foothold on the QAI’s territory

[1345] Commanders Duke and Sheeo are regrouping for another assault.

[1350] Land assult supported by fire from the battleships allowing commander Duke to move forward.

[1351] Sheeo beings construction of Stategic Missile Laucher. Goal is clear, destroy any Strategic Missile Defences by combined land and naval assult. Destroy QAI’s base with a nuke

[1356] Land assault lead by Duke’s ACU successfully breaks thought QAI’s defences.

[1357] First missile defense is a history, 1 more to go.

[1400] Commander Duke reaches second missile defense and destroys it.

[1401] Strategic missile is on it’s way for QAI’s main base.

[1402] QAI’s main base is gone but the battle is not over yet. There are many secondary bases and Order forces are still operating in the area.

[1404] Commander Duke captures QAI’s Mainframe. Upload new code to get QAI back under control is being prepared.

[1405] Upload started

[1408] Upload is complete, QAI’s mainframe is being rebooted.

[1409] First readings estimate way over 1000 connections possible using new protocols via quantum communication (#aeolus)

[1410] Communication is slowly being restored, commanders from all over the world are reporting remaining problems

[1413] Without QAI Order forces are forced to retreat.

[1420] Order commander escapes the planet.

[1430] Improved protocols are uploaded directly to the mainframe for final reboot.

[1434] Quantum Communication is fully restored.


FAF Client 0.12.0 Preview 3

Get FAF Client 0.12.0-pre3 from Github!

This is the last preview release of version 0.12 of the official FAF Python Client.
It contains a good amount of improvements and fixes on top of the last preview release.

Changes since 0.12.0-pre2:

  • replace Tab Livestreams with (old) Unit Database (#539)
  • Add logging to game updater and disable cert verification on test server (#558)
  • Clean up ‘res’ directory finding (#552)
  • Improve ladder race selection (#554)
  • Make selected mods persistent (#560)
  • Disable modvault feedback (#568)
  • Fix local replays being shown as broken when offline (#564)
  • Update ‘Search Options’ in Replays (#498)
    • Load recent replays list only on first entry
    • Add Button ‘Refresh Recent List’/’Reset Search to Recent’
    • Add Checkbox to enable Automatic Refresh (old behavior)
    • Add Label ‘Searching…’ while waiting for server
    • Change ‘Min rating’ steps to 100
  • Fix ‘View Replays in Vault’ change to ‘Online Vault’ Tab (#495)
  • Make announcements less annoying (#575, thanks @HardlySoftly!)

Thanks to all the contributors and users that made this release possible.

Please install this release (direct installer download) and let us know of any problems you have, either on the Tech Support Forum, in the Github issues, or contact one of our trusted moderators in #aeolus.

You can also reinstall the current client release if you have any problems. Just download and run the installer.

Equilibrium Featured Mod!

Hello! Some of you may have known, some of you may have waited for this, most of you dreaded this, but it’s finally happened!

Equilibrium is now officially a featured mod in FAF!


Since its had a little bit of a shady past lets just explain a little about what it is and why you should be interested/care:


– Equilibrium is a balance mod. It’s the largest balance mod currently in active development.

– The purpose of this mod is to fix the existing issues with the game, and make improvements to gameplay by increasing its strategic diversity, while keeping the overall feel of the game the same.

– You don’t need to read the changelog at all to be able to play, you can do exactly what you always do and it will work. There are even cases of people not noticing that they played the mod!

– We maintain a complete, interactive changelog here:

– It’s updated more than once a year, unlike the official balance patches. And also if some bug is discovered it’s fixed and released the next day, not the next 6 months.

– If you have any feedback, we will be happy to listen to you. However please back up your opinions with replay evidence first, and post in the equilibrium forum thread.


– This mod is intended to be played without other sim mods! We can’t guarantee compatibility or any sort of balance if you turn 50 different mods on!

We hope that you will enjoy it as much as everyone else who has played it so far!