Cloudflare Security Incident: Reset your passwords

Hello FAF,

some of you may have heard of the Cloudflare Security incident.

Cloudflare is a popular internet support company, mainly offering CDN and DDoS Protection services.

Forged Alliance Forever has been using Cloudflare to protect our and reduce the amount of web traffic.

For about four months, Cloudflare had a bug in several of its features that allowed random memory contents of their webproxies to be sent out with website requests. These random memory contents contained parts of other websites’ traffic, including secret data such as private messages and passwords.

This errant data was picked up by search engine crawlers and other archives. Search engine providers are now trying to clean up their caches, but all data that has been leaked must be considered compromised.

This means the data of FAF users on the forum, including passwords, has potentially been compromised.

Therefore, we urge you to change your FAF forum password and if you have reused that password anywhere, pick a new password there too.

This incident affects not just FAF, but a huge amount of websites, including many very popular ones. You should expect to get notifications from many websites in the next days.

We recommend that you

  • Do not reuse any passwords on different websites
  • Choose strong, preferably randomly generated passwords
  • Use a password manager
  • Use 2-Factor authentication on any important websites

Thank you.

You can find more information on the incident here:

The new moderation team

After two weeks we proudly present our three new members; Giebmasse, lextoc and Jackherer. Many of you will know them as they’ve been contributing to this community for some time already.
On the other hand, we say goodbye to the moderators who parted ways. Viking handed in his moderator rank, VioletAnia and toejams were let go from the moderation team due to inactivity.
We thank them all for their time and service dedicated to the community and wish them all a bright future!

The moderation team consists of the following members now:

We are still looking for non-EU timezone moderator(s), so feel free to apply.

Best Regards,

Your Moderation team

Outage on Feb. 19, 2017

Update: It took a bit longer to get the wiki and other smaller bits working again, and some things may continue to be wonky. Expect these to be fixed over the next couple days.

Hello FAF,

there was a brief outage today due to a server configuration mishap.

I intended to reconfigure the webserver so that and works properly and shows our main website. This worked great. However, for an as yet unknown reason, this led to HTTPS being forced on for all of our subdomains including and, which broke the forums and almost all client functionality.

I quickly fixed this and everything should be back to normal now.

Please report any issues on the forum or to a moderator on irc.

– OppressiveDuke

FAForever Client Release 0.12.2

Update: The 0.12.2 client version has now been released. When running FAF, you will be prompted to update. Click “yes” and wait for the update to finish downloading – the download progress bar may not always show up, just wait.

You can also download the release directly from Github.

Hello FAF,

work on the python client continues at good pace, so here’s another update with small fixes and improvements while we wait for the big ICE update to drop.

Please test this release and report any problems you find with it to moderators or on the tech support forum.

Download the release from Github. If you have problems with it you can always get back to an older version by reinstalling! If you don’t have a current installer you can get it from the website.


  • Make sure client updater progress is shown (#605)
  • Check for updates on Github (#578)
  • fix usability of ‘Live Games’ in Replays (#615)
  • Fix live replay sorting (#616)
  • Unpack movies from mod packages (#610)
  • Render “what’s new” directly in client from WP-API (#533, #603)
  • Fix updater displaying update dialog twice (#612)


  • Duke
  • Grothe
  • Wesmania

The nomads are back.

We Are Back

Bored of playing with UEF?
Aeon, Cybran also lost their charm?
Seraphim not interesting enough?

We have the solution! The featured mod ‘nomads‘ is working again.

It adds a completely new faction to the game with a unique background and abilities.
Orbital artillery, folding transports, underwater mobile missile launcher and intelligence drones…

…all that and many more assets like these are in the arsenal of the nomads.

Let us know how you like it and join us in celebrating this exciting revival in the forum!

Main developer: CookieNoob
Development Team: Exotic_Retard, KeyBlue,  RK4000, Ithilis, JJs_AI, dudekahedron

Special thanks goes to OppressiveDuke and brute51.

Nomads Poster