Developer Converence #11

Hello Commanders! In the 10th Developer Converence last week time ran out and as a result a few points on the agenda did not get addressed. Due to that a shorter conference did happen only a few days after. This post is meant to provide a short summary of the most important talking points of the conference. The entire video is available on the FAForever Youtube channel.

  • ACU Customizations:
    • JJ is working on custom skins for ACUs.
    • The custom skins can be rewards for the Patreon reward system, donators, tournament winners or contributors.
    • Creative input/help is as always welcome. You can pm JJ on Discord for suggestions.
  • Budget:
    • Our current income from Patreon amounts to 235$ per month.
    • The server cost will amount to approximately 100$ per month. Currently FAF is being hosted on fairly pricey servers that are being paid for by Visionik until we move.
    • Which leaves us with 135$ of disposable income that can be used for tournament prizes, bounties on bugs or saved.
  • Translations:
    • We currently have a few people that can translate What’s New posts from English to German/French.
    • If you are willing and able to translate to Russian/Spanish/Italian or any other language that you are proficient in please contact a moderator.
    • We also need translators for the loading screen made by speed2, tutorials, coop and the rest of FA . If you can translate them to Spanish/Italian we’d be glad if you could PM speed2.

Again a big thank you to all the Patreons that support the project and will allow us to cover the server.

Developer Conference #10

Editor’s Note: If you prefer not to read English: Translations / Übersetzungen / Traduction

Hello Commanders! It’s been quite a while since the last devstream – #9 was on February 9th – and quite a few people were waiting for the next one to answer some open questions. This post is meant to provide a short summary of the most important talking points of the conference. The entire video is available on the FAForever Youtube channel.

  • EQ becoming ranked:
    • Mods becoming featured and ranked does not mean that the council endorses the mod.
    • Due to the statistical properties of Trueskill, EQ counting into global rank is not a problem. The Dev Team will provide data to prove that.
  • Rules that have to be followed for a mod to become featured:
    • The mod needs to be free of game breaking bugs.
    • The mod needs to be played by people.
    • The mod needs to be kept maintained.
    • The mod needs to be published under GPLv3 on Github.
  • Rule for a mod to become ranked:
    • As long as a mod doesn’t change the game to such an extent that trueskill cannot predict the outcome of a game reasonably well it can be ranked.
    • This also does not mean that a mod is endorsed by the council. It is meant to ensure that people are being judged by trueskill to ensure that they feed data to the global rating system.
    • Assuming that other mods (such as the 3650 balancepatch mod by Evildrew/Blackheart) meet the criteria they can also become ranked to ensure that the system keeps getting data.
  • New Patcher:
    • Brutus5000 is working on a new patcher called BiReUS to decrease the amount of data the server has to send/clients have to download.
    • Download size for a patch will decrease from 40 Megabytes to around 200 Kilobytes – an improvement of 99.5%.
    • This should also make watching replays from older patch versions a lot easier.
    • Only downside is that 6 GB of additional storage is needed on the server – which is not really an issue.
  • Discord:
    • Until now Discord has been in a test phase and was not officially endorsed by the council. This is no longer the case.
    • Discord will replace Mumble as our primary voicechat. Mumble will be kept online as a fallback since we have no power over the availability of the Discord servers.
    • Discord will operate under the same rules as the rest of FAF – which is already the case.
    • Discord will not replace Slack as a tool for developers to organize but Developer Conferences will be held on Discord.
  • Galactic War:
    • Brutus is making progress on the backend and speed2 managed to fix the lua code for galactic war and run a game successfully.
    • Frontend needs to be worked on.
    • If anyone wants to help with the development of GW ask any FAF mod for slack access and get in touch with Brutus5000.
  • Tutorials:
    • Speed2 and others are working on map tutorials and has finished a few already.
    • Needs client implementation but currently ICE and refactoring have a higher priority for the python client.
    • In the meantime quicktips for the loading screen will be made and added to FAF.
  • End:
    • Since time was running out the remaining agenda points – ACU-Customisations, Budget and Ladder – will be discussed on the next developer stream.
    • Next developer conference will be on the 27th of April.

A big thanks to all the Patreons that support FAF and will allow us to cover the costs for the server.

Minions, Legends, and Betas

Hi everyone, IceDreamer here. Quick status update: The Beta preview is still ongoing, and I’ve been getting nice feedback from my minions. I need more though! So far we’ve addressed a game freeze issue, ships sinking through land occasionally, and Exp explosions sometimes being played twice.

In the meantime though, you legends should all sign up for the fantastic tournament being run soon: Minions and Legends!

Sunday, 23rd of April, 18:00 (GMT+1) (Players not in channel at 18:10 will be replaced).

IRC channel: #MnL
Bracket and Matchups:
Tournament directors: Stups and Jackherer
Caster: Arkitect

This is a 3v3 tournament with a fourth player acting as a coach that will direct the team during the game (he will ctrl+k after launch). To sign up, go on the forum If you do not have a forum account, contact a tournament director, he will proxy sign you up. If you have any questions contact a tournament director, please don’t clutter the thread (unwanted posts will be removed).
Thank you.

Tournament style:
– Players will be randomly chosen into 6 teams.
– Participants (minions) must have a rating between 1100-1600 globally or 1000-1500 on ladder. If you exceed 1600 global rating or 1500 ladder you cant play
– Swiss where the top two teams in standing will play a final.

Ladder map pool survey

Hello Commander!

In the past 2 weeks we tested a new 1v1 automatch (1v1 ladder) map rotation system, where there were only 5 maps in the pool (reduced from 16). More info here:

I would like to asks anyone who have a few spare minutes, to fill this quick survey about possible map pools and if you liked the experimental rotation in past 2 weeks:

If you have any questions/feedback, i’m always happy to hear it! Just PM me in FAF or write it in this forum thread: 😉

Your Player Councillor, Tokyto

Patch 3680 Beta Preview

Hi everyone!

IceDreamer here with some news about the next big bugfixing and features patch:

The Deployment API route has been completed! This means that I or my team can deploy micro-fixes for problems found without needing to wait for a person with server access!!! Woohoo! 😀

The patch is called 3680 and has been in development for some months now. We’re at the point where I need the entire community to band together and play real games using the FAF Develop mod (It’s at the bottom of the list of Featured Mods)

There is a forum post HERE where you can list feedback about errors you encounter, bugs, or just general feedback

The Changelog can be found HERE

Part of this patch is what’s called a “Refactor”. Basically, to make modding easier in the future, we’ve moved some files around a bit. Unfortunately this means that some mods will be broken by the change. Below I will put instructions for mod-makers to be able to get their mod ready for the change.If you notice your favourite mod doesn’t work in the patch, LET THE AUTHOR KNOW!


Modders – We have refactored away the /modules directory, moving the files within it to appropriate places inside the lua directory. You can see the changes made if you scroll down THIS list, looking for commits marked with “Refactored … out of modules”