Download and connection issues (IP v6)

Dear commanders,

we are receiving a lot of complaints about unavailable services. In detail the What’s new? tab in the client, downloads from our content servers (maps, mods, replays, etc.) are broken for all users using IPv6.

We are aware of this issue and sorry for the inconvenience. While fixing the server setup might take a while, a confirmed workaround is deactivating IPv6 on your computer. Our fellow contributers have created a walkthrough how to do that on Windows 10 in our wiki here (use on your own risk).

Patch 3704 Release

Today marks the release of Patch 3704.


We have prepared an array of changes aimed at introducing some fixes, increasing unit options and improving the interfactional balance.

Two of the major changes include the new and improved scathis, now a game-ender class weapon that can destroy entire bases with just a few volleys, and a rebalance of mobile shields which reduces their energy maintenance, making them much easier to use in the earlier stages of the game.

Patchnotes can be found here:

Leave your feedback in this thread:

Regards, the balance team

FtXCommando and Morax win Councillorships

The election results are in!

FtXCommando has been reelected to the Player Councillor position and Morax has won the election for the Maps & Mods Councillor position.

Through the voting process the FAF Community has expressed high confidence in the candidates’ capacities to uphold the duties of the highly privileged Councillorships. Both individuals have long been pillars of the FAF Project, and the Council of Setons is immensely proud to work with such committed advocates for improving players’ experiences on FAF.

Congrats again to FtXCommando and Morax for winning the elections!



Nomads Patch v76

We are very please to announce the release of a new patch for the nomads featured mod, featuring a reworked code, fixed bugs, and a new model for the t1 mobile anti air:

You can play this mod right now by selecting nomads from the list of featured mods in the client!

Check out the list of changes on the FAForever Forums:

We are always looking for new developers to help us with our work. If you are interested in contributing, leaving a suggestion, or simply want to keep an eye on our progress as we continue our work on this mod, feel free to join our Discord server here:

The Nomads Development Team

2v2 Master’s Cup Tournament Live

Greetings Commanders,

The finals of the 2v2 Master’s Cup, hosted by Morax, have begun! More than just pride is on the line as 5 teams duke it out for a piece of the 600$ prize pool in a fierce round-robin to be held over the next few weeks!

For more details,  check out

The first four rounds have been played today, and several of the games have been casted by UnorthodoxBox (with cocasters Morax and ThomasHiatt), here!:

The qualified teams are as follows:

Blackheart & Petric

Nexus & Blodir

ZLO & Mozart

JaggedAppliance & Farmsletje

Dro & Death_Squad

For the most up-to-date scores, check out the Challonge Bracket here:


Map Generator from Neroxis Released

Greetings Commanders,

Neroxis has created a random map generator for the FAF lobby. You must have the latest version of Downlord’s FAF Client (0.10.6-beta)! In order to host a game with a random map, simply click “Generate Map” below the list of maps in the custom game creation window, confirm that the new map is selected in your list of maps, then create your game!

Explore an infinite number of environments in which to crush your opponents with Neroxis’ Map Generator!

Note: The map generator is still under development and Neroxis wants your feedback! Forum thread is here: