Download and connection issues (IP v6)

Dear commanders,

we are receiving a lot of complaints about unavailable services. In detail the What’s new? tab in the client, downloads from our content servers (maps, mods, replays, etc.) are broken for all users using IPv6.

We are aware of this issue and sorry for the inconvenience. While fixing the server setup might take a while, a confirmed workaround is deactivating IPv6 on your computer. Our fellow contributers have created a walkthrough how to do that on Windows 10 in our wiki here (use on your own risk).

Server downtime 20/04/2019 – ICE Deployment

Greetings everyone,

Saturday 20/04/2019 at 13h UTC+0 we will deploy a new version of the server and client that will enable ICE functionality for everyone.

This version has been tested, but not on production scale, and unforeseen bugs or technical problems may occur during the following days. We will make sure any issue will be patched or helped with as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

Have a nice day,

Geosearchef & Louvegarde

Patch 3703 Beta



At long last a new balance patch has entered its beta stage! Many units, buildings, and upgrades have been painstakingly adjusted by the balance team in the effort to keep FAF fair and fun for its players. But before any changes can be implemented, we need YOUR help!

The balance team has packaged potential changes into the Patch 3703 Beta, which is now available for immediate download! Do you suspect some upgrade may be overpowered? Do you feel a nerf will break the game? Are you happy with the attention certain units have received? Your feedback is crucial to the balance team as they adjust the gameplay to reflect the desires of the community! Please share your thoughts here:

Upcoming Elections

Greetings Commanders,

Elections for Player Councillor and Maps and Mods Councillor are approaching. Please read this forum post for more details:

For those who may want to run for election for the councillor position, here are the respective threads where you may post your applications:

Player Councillor application thread:

Maps and Mods Councillor application thread:

King of Badlands Tournament – March 30th


The King and Prince of Map Tournament series, hosted by Rowey, continues!

The next map in the circuit is Badlands, a classic barrens map pocked with craters and mexes! If you love mass-heavy maps with lots of spam and T3 rush potential, SIGN UP HERE NOW! ->

Join the tournament, prove your skills, and let all know you’re the number 1 contender for the King of Badlands!

Turinturambar has already been crowned King on two of the four maps featured in the series, while BRNKoINSANITY has won two titles for the <1500 rated bracket! Will they continue in their conquest of the galaxy, or will another ruler rise from among the contenders? For more info on the King and Prince of Map Tournament series, click here:

King of Syrtis Major to be held March 16th!

Mark your calendars, Commanders – the King of Syrtis Major Tournament, hosted by Rowey, is on March 16th! Sign up here:

That’s right! Commanders from across the galaxy have for YEARS fought tooth-and-nail to win control of Syrtis Major, and FINALLY the ultimate champion of this abundant, mass-rich land will be decided in merely days! Let the crown sit atop only the worthiest of heads, Commanders! Edgebuild your way to unending, unequaled recognition!

Syrtis Major is a 10×10 km map set in red, barren terrain. A minimally defended quantum gateway divides the map in half, giving players time to expand before they make their moves! The quantum gateway offers a bountiful reclaim harvest for those bold enough to advance through the middle lane, but be careful — rush in alone with your ACU and you might receive more than just reclaim…

Rowey’s King of Map series continues with tournaments every two weeks! More info here: