New lobby version released ! Patch 3611 released !

thygrrr ( for the lobby part) and Raging Squirrel (for the web/vault part) spent the last month redoing the lobby for the first official public release.

Today, you will have access to a open-beta of this new lobby.

What does it mean ?

It’s not the definitive lobby. The code is entirely redone, and we need another round of beta test to be sure to solve all bugs and problems.
Some features are left out for now as we want to focus on only a fraction of the functions for now.
Some others features will be added later to this beta.
For example, the next step is redoing entirely the communication protocol with the server, to be able to add passworded lobbies, automatic refreshing of the lobby games, …

What are the missing features from the final version ?

The main missing one is the replay vault. But a lot of little neat features are missing. You will see them when the time will come

Coop and Galactic War tabs disappeared, did you drop the development ?

No at all. On the contrary, once the final version is released, these will be the main development focus. But for now, empty tabs are removed from the interface.
We are still aiming a first Galactic War public alpha test before the end of the second quarter of this year. Maybe later, don’t hold your breath. But it’s still planned.

Where is the FAFInstaller thingy ?

FAFInstaller is obsolete. It’s now merged inside the lobby.
Also, we don’t add files to your installation folder anymore.

That’s mean that you can remove the binFAF folder and all .faf files from there. It’s not needed anymore.

Where are the FAF files then ?

They are now in your COMMON_APPDATA folder (C:\ProgramData on most systems if you didn’t changed it).

You will also find FAF Lobby and FA logs there, in the logs folder. These are file needed when you make an error report

Why are we in 3611 now ? What is inside that patch ?

Bug fixes from 3610 :

  •  sorian AI will now use the new units from mods like BlackOps.
  • Removed chance (~50%) that air units, upon death, will vanish without a wreck and without crashing.
  •  Fixed uef acu drone/pod bug.
  • air units now leave wrecks in water.
  • Fixed UEF acu nano regen.
  • Some units had incorrect sphereSize hitboxes.

Patch 3610 released !

Quick fixes on 3609 :

  • Scores were not registered correctly.
  • Chat was doubled in game.
  • Replays were not playing.

Remember : You have to remove any Sorian file in order to make this patch works. Sorian is included !

3609 Patch released !

FAF Team is happy to announce the release of 3609 patch !

It’s the first one of a serie of patches that will try to fix all the remaining bugs in FA. If you encounter new or old bug, please tell us in the appropriate forum :

Change log :

  FAF-related changes and fixes

  • Title screen and replay files are displaying the correct patch version.
  • Fixed scores reported incorrectly when Autoteam = none and random = on.
  • Removing the reset of unit cap on each hosted game to 500.
  • changed the ranked unit cap to 1000.

New Features

  • Added Sorian AI. Sorian AI is now available to use in FAF. (YOU MUST UNINSTALL SORIAN AI MOD AND LEM IF YOU HAVE THEM.)
  • Added new and improved random faction generating function that doesn’t give seraphim 75% of the time.
  • Added engineer wrecks on the water.
  • Added Autoget as mandatory and enabled for all players. (Units are automatically given, if share is enabled, 20 seconds after death.)
  • Added tech-less icons for energy storages so they are easier to find.
  • All structures now leave wrecks when destroyed in the water.
  • New lobby textures from Moritz

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed aeon hover shield floating wreckage bug.
  • Fixed ACU upgrades exploit.
  • Fixed UEF ACU nano regen upgrade… it no longer gets overwritten by veterancy.
  • Adjusted the seraphim T2 destroyer anti-torp further. It’s performance is now improved.
  • TML weapon on strategic missile subs now have the correct range ring.
  • Fixed Seraphim destroyer, UEF Atlantis and Aeon Exp Battleship wreckages. They now sink and wreck on the sea floor properly.
  • Fixed a transport bug/exploit.
  • Fix for the UEF ACU build drones. Now the destruction of one drone does not adversely affect the other. Further, drones are automatically rebuilt upon death at their original cost (160 mass, 1600 energy). Drone re-building takes 10 seconds and does not interfere with other ACU processes, such as moving, shooting or constructing.
  • Attempt to fix the collision beam not being visible if the unit that fire it is not seen.