Hotfix Patch 3689

This is just a small follow-up to the 3688 balance patch. There are three changes:

– Fixed a bug that caused units to give 100% veterancy points instead of a fraction depending on their remaining HP on death when getting destroyed by self destruction.
– Fixed ACUs giving too much veterancy to other ACUs when being killed.
– Fixed shields recharging many times faster than intended.

This also includes amendments to the old patchnotes, adding details on unit regen, and correcting an error. Shields aren’t meant to regen faster or start regening faster. The change is only meant to make shields heal smoothly instead of in 1s chunks, a largely aesthetic change.

Python Client: Preview 0.16.1 Bugfix

Greetings Commanders,

as you may know, some people have experienced graphics bugs with the newest 0.16 python client release that made the client to appear frozen.

There is now a possible fix for that.

So that we can bring a new and improved 0.16 client to all of you, testing is needed. So please update to the new client version 0.16.1-rc.1 that is now available both via the client updater as well as for direct download from Github.

If you have problems with this version, you can downgrade back to version 0.14 or 0.16.0 by downloading and running the installers.

As always, please report any issues or feedback in the Tech Support Forum!

Happy hunting,
– Duke

September 29th – Coop Update

What’s new

Last 2 missions of the Aeon campaign are redone. You can expect more agression from the AI and new bonus objectives.

You can also find a brand new mission in this update, Haven’s Invasion. It’s a singleplayer Seraphim mission, takes 30-60 minutes to complete.

The update also contains several bug fixes and improvements to some of the current missions.


You can find the full changelog for missions here:

and for the coop mod here:

Report Issues

If you find any issues make sure to report them. Preferably on Github: or on the forums. (Don’t forget to include the game.log!!)

Coop Slack Channel

If anyone is intrested into making a new mission, improving the current ones or helping with voice overs, there’s a #coop channel on the FAF Slack. Slack is a tool that all FAF developers and contributors use to coordinate our efforts. For joining PM me (speed2) your e-mail adress either in the chat or on the forums and you will recieve an invitation.

What’s next?

FunkOff is finishing up his own Seraphim mission, it’s main feature will be an Experimental Nuke Launcher that the players will control to get through the mission. So you can look forward for that one.


Balance Patch 3688

Greetings Commanders!

Today marks the release of a small balance patch. The team has been hard at work on a few things that went over the top recently, and a couple of longstanding issues. A full changelog is available here. Please leave your feedback here.

Highlights include moving to a mass-based veterancy system, a Novax buff, and changes to T2 and T3 Mass Fabricators.

Have fun, and good hunting!

The Balance Team