King of Crimson Feud


Most commanders think they have Crimson Feud all figured out. It’s a simple map with just a couple corner expansions, some mexes and some reclaim here and there. Just spam your way to victory, right?

Well, here’s a contest hosted by Rowey to decide which commanders actually have mastery of the map, and which commanders could use a tutorial or two. The winner will be recognized as the UNDISPUTED, UNCHALLENGED KING OF CRIMSON FEUD, and be awarded with the title and avatar. The tournament will be held on March 2nd, 4:30 PM (GMT)

Sign up, and claim the throne as your own. Become the one true King of Crimson Feud. Learn more here:

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Map Spotlight

Greetings commanders!

Go extraterrestrial with these new maps by svenni_badwoi and DeathStorm!

Adaptive Mars Mangala Fossa

by svenni_badbwoi

-Rotated real world map from the Mangala Fossa region on Mars. The heightmap was created from MOLA (Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter) data!
-The map contains an unique decal* to achieve an authentic look developed by svenni_badbwoi and DeathStorm
-Different 1v1 play style possible at expansion slots 11 & 12
-Small Civilian UEF base in the mid crater
-Skybox included
-Improved AI path nodes –> New AI land and amphibious nodes to reduced CPU load (formerly >800 nodes each, now 355)

Player: 2-12 (1v1-6v6)
Size: 10×10 km
Prop value: 48.302 mass & 20 energy
Latest version: 2

*Note: This map contains unique decals – this will increase the map loading time.


Adaptive Lunar Mare Orientale

by DeathStorm

-Mirrored real world map from the Mare Orientale region on the moon.
-Building possibility is indicated by stratum
-The map contains an unique decal* to achieve an authentic look developed by svenni_badbwoi and DeathStorm
-Challenging play due to need of Air drops, Naval and Land for all players. High requirement for map controll on air ground and naval.
-Some mexes need to be dropped and some can be only build by acu/sup commander.
-Small Civilian UEF base at the bottom center
-Skybox included
-AI path nodes

Player: 2-10 (1v1-5v5)
Size: 20×20 km
Prop value: 137k mass & 0 energy
Latest version: 3

*Note: This map contains unique decals – this will increase the map loading time.

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Emergency maintenance tonight

Hello commanders,

this afternoon we had a service outage due to our server disk running full.
We freed up some space to buy some time, but to fix the root cause of the problem we will need to shutdown and restart some services tonight.

Work will start at around 23:00 CET.

— Brutus5000

Steam-linking required by Jan 31st

Hello dear FAF Users!

Some of you might be aware that we are currently trying to not share any copyright protected code.

Approximately four months ago, after discussion with sheeo, downlord, and others to verify it was enough time, Visionik (the owner of FAForever) has enforced a deadline for this to be done by the end of this year.

Since this deadline will not be met we will have to enable mandatory steam linking for all users from the 31st of January (up to now only new users had to link their faf account to steam).

The mandatory steam link will stay in place until no copyright protected assets are being distributed.

You will NOT be able to log in to FAForever via the client if your FAF account is not linked to a steam account with Supreme Commander Forged Alliance in the inventory.
You can use your cd key from your retail copy of supreme commander forged alliance to get a free copy of the game on steam or to buy the game while it is on sale – regional prices can be found here.

Should there be any issues with linking your faf account to steam then feel free to post on the tech support sub forum so we can help you out.

Best Regards,
The FAForever Team

Game Patch 3703

Hello Commanders!

Just reporting in for a small dev patch (3703) which contains bug fixes for the most part.

  • Fixed a bug breaking the lobby when selecting an obsolete map
  • Removed hardcoding on nuke weapon damage for mod support
  • Fixed targeting issue for Salems on land
  • Some other small fixes

Thanks to all the people who helped creating this small patch!
~ The dev team