2018-02-12 Server Update v0.9.13

Today’s server update has been successful. Downtime was less than 15min.

  • The wait-1-day-to-play-or-link-to-steam limitation for new players has been removed
  • The improved one-account-per-machine system (a.k.a. UID system, a.k.a. smurf check) has been improved

I’d like to give you some background information since most people probably aren’t aware of what we’re fighting. There have been certain users who had fun performing the following steps:

  1. Create a new FAF account
  2. Circumvent the UID system so you can log in with that account
  3. Ruin other player’s games either by smurfing or by actively manipulating the lobby
  4. Get banned
  5. Repeat

We’re not sure why this would be any person’s hobby but apparently, it is.

While it’s impossible for us to implement a system that can’t be circumvented (unless we want to verify each player in person), we will continue to improve it as long as there are people who find joy in ruining other people’s games.

The new system will immediately ban accounts on login when it thinks the player is trying to circumvent it. In case of a false positive, the player can contact a moderator who will then verify the player manually.

It makes me really sad that we, the developers, need to waste so much time to implement such counter-measures. Think of all the improvements to FAF we could do instead.

If you’re one of those “hackers”, please reconsider the kind of person you want to be.

– Downlord

Reminder: February 2018 Server Update

This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming server update next Monday, 2018-02-13.

This server update will remove the 1-day-or-steam-link limit and improve the anti-smurf mechanism. Since tests need to be done on the production server, several server restarts are to be expected.

Please expect FAF to be down from 08:00 – 12:00 UTC.

Want to be notified before the update starts and when it ends? Subscribe at: http://faf.statuspage.io


Map Bundle Ad #8

Map Bundle Promotion Post #8

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Map By svenni_badbwoi

-Latest version: 1
-Once I got the idea, I could not resist
-Due to the logos nature left-right is the default play style
-But if you like rotational balance e.g. for Phantom or Free For All, just enable “Rotational” in the options
-Every faction is represented in 2 from a total of 8 optional civilian bases. But all bases contain: Seraphim T2 PD, Aeon T2 TMD, UEF Shields and UEF T3 PD to balance unit/reclaim differences

Remember; If you would like to have your map advertised, you can contact JJs_AI on the forum, Discord or via the FAF Client. Users can also submit their maps for advertisement here: http://forums.faforever.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14713

February 1st – Coop Update

What’s new


After a few months a new coop update arrived. Even when most of the things were released 2 weeks ago, I’m posting about it now, since there were small problems with getting a new mission online. The main features of the updates that happened in last 2 weeks are:

New lobby option to disable the timed expansion. After reading some feedback I decided to include an option to disable this new feature of some of the missions.

4th Cybran mission was redone, all the problems including the OP attack on the South Node should be solved now. The AI should also perform better, especially in the first part of the mission.

A brand new mission, Operation Rescue. It’s a UEF mission for 4 players, takes 30-60 minutes to complete.

The update also contains several bug fixes and improvements to some of the current missions.


You can find the full changelog for missions here: https://github.com/FAForever/faf-coop-maps/blob/master/changelog.md

and for the coop mod here: https://github.com/FAForever/fa-coop/blob/master/changelog.md

Report Issues

If you find any issues make sure to report them. Preferably on Github: https://github.com/FAForever/faf-coop-maps/issues or on the forums. (Don’t forget to include the game.log!!)

Coop Slack Channel

If anyone is intrested into making a new mission, improving the current ones or helping with voice overs, there’s a #coop channel on the FAF Slack. Slack is a tool that all FAF developers and contributors use to coordinate our efforts. For joining PM me (speed2) your e-mail adress either in the chat or on the forums and you will recieve an invitation.

What’s next?

More work was done on the Novax mission, 50% of the last part is done. There might or might not be more progress with the Nomads campaign, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it so I’ll say I don’t know anything.


Yuri’s Blitz #48 – 4FFA no army at all (extravagant)


Thursday, 1st of February.
18:00 Moscow time. Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream. For better understanding of time you can look here: https://www.google.ru/#newwindow=1&q=moscow+time(Google will show you what time it is now in Moscow).

Any rating.
Different 5x5km maps.
x3 resources.
No army units. That leaves turrets, artillery, missiles and stuff.

Signup here http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/2jVzHGxoHq
You need to check-in on challonge before the tournament (from 17:30 to 18:00 Moscow time, if you are not checked-in, then you are out).

Regarding disconnects: rehost game if a player disconnects or crashes for 1st time during first two minutes of the match. Crash or disconnect later than 2 minutes – player considered destroyed. 2nd crash or disconnect – no rehost.

Winner gets Blitz champion avatar. Image
2nd and 3rd places gets their appropriate avatars from this topic: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3312

Full details: http://forums.faforever.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=15840