Mapping Tournament 2 (AUG 2018)

You have to the of 1st of SEPTEMBER AEST Which will be the end of august if you don’t live in Australia
Create a 10km map and submit the name here. The best authors will be awarded prizes.

1st Place: Tournament Winner Avatar (Or 2nd or 3rd Place Prize)
2nd Place: Factional Face Avatar (Or 3rd Place Prize)
3rd Place: Factional Logo Avatar

The map deemed to most original will be awarded the Winner of Hearts Avatar. you may not win both a podium prize and the WoH at the same time. You will be asked to choose between the two if this occurs.

(NEW!) For the WoH, ill be looking for maps that incorporate navy play, feel free to try your hand, but this task is of course optional.

You may only submit one map per author. (This rule has changed from tournament 1 to promote creating a single map of high quality rather then multiple maps of lower quality.)

While this contest is judged by an opinion panel. There are still objective requirements. Please make sure your content fits these restrictions before submitting. Any map found not following these will be instantly disqualified.
Both spoiler tags have received new content, I advise returning participants to reread the rules and the advice.

Full details:

FR and RU Discord Servers

Greetings Commanders,

RaqSam has opened up a French FAF server for our users. If you’re interested in joining, you can do so by using this invite:

The rules of their discord are the same as our official server, and they have a channel set up that is linked to the French channel on FAF. Feel free to join if you wish to do so.

There is also a Russian FAF Discord server for users to join. If you would like to join this server, please do so by using this invite:

You can find more information about the rules and regulations of the Russian Discord Server when you join.

Happy Hunting!

1v1 Equilibrium Tournament #7

This is a 1v1 tournament with no rating limit and Equilibrium balance mod.


  • First place: Fixed In Equilibrium Avatar
  • Second place: Faction Face Avatar
  • Third place: Faction Logo Avatar

Time: 14th of July, 16:00 UTC

How to Sign Up:
To sign up, post your name on the forum thread here: If you do not have a forum account, contact a Tournament Director, he will proxy sign you up (Morax). If you have any questions contact a Tournament Director, please don’t clutter the thread.

FA Forever Map Editor v0.600

FA Forever Map Editor v0.600 has been released. This is first of new v0.6xx series. Creating maps has never been easier!

  • Units are now in map editor!
  • Works with all versions of Supreme Commander, Forget Alliance and FAF
  • Support FAF game updates
  • Much more stable
  • Many useful tools that don’t exist in official editor
  • Most maps are now created using FAF Map Editor
  • Notification inside editor about new releases
  • Source code on latest Unity 2018.1

Few small features are still missing in editor, but we are working on them right now, so they should be added soon. Usually there is new release every 1-2 weeks with bug fixes and new tools and features. If you encounter any issues with editor you can ask for help on the forums, discord or by private message to ozonex. Bugs are fixed really fast with pre-releases to let you continue your work.

More information:


Donate to ozonex:


Shared Army Tournament


Tournament for the 21st of July, 17:00 GMT
Hosted by keyser

This is a double elimination tournament with the latest version of “Shared army” mod enabled.

There is a rating cap. In order to balance a bit more the team the following principle apply :

-∞ – 1000 rating = 1point
1000 – 1199 rating = 2 points
1200 – 1399 = 3 points
1400 – 1599 = 4 points
1600 – 1799 = 5 points
1800 – 1999 = 6 points
2000 – 2199 = 7 points
2200 – 2399 = 8 points
2400 – ∞ = 9 points

10 points limit cap

We will use the highest rating from ladder and global leaderboards for the calculation. Ratings will be checked at tournament start, however mass rating dumping is discouraged and will be investigated at random, you have been warned. Smurfing will be severely punished.

The number of player per team can go from 1 to 8.

There is only 1 ACU per team.

/!\ Be careful about the use of UI mod managing the economy like ecomanager that will also impact the other player on your team. /!\

All other settings are as default.
Each round has a 60 minute time limit to complete. Any rematches that occur due to draws or crashes will not increase the time limit.
If a disconnect or any other disruption occurs, the outcome will be decided by a tournament director, any decisions made are final.
If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of the TD announcing the round a TD may disqualify any player causing delay.


1st Place: Standard “Strategic Genius” avatar Image
2nd Place: Your choice of factional face or logo avatar.
3rd Place: Your choice of factional logo avatar

View the wiki page for avatars here: … nt_Winners

Sign up on the forum below.
Join the tournament channel before the time specified by typing #PENDING into any chat bar.
I’ll be asking people to join if I notice they are not in, but if you don’t join it in time, you’ll be removed from the tournament.

The challonge link is: pending

Full Details: