Game Patch 3702

Hello Commanders!

Today we release the the game patch 3702!

Some of the highlights of this patch are:

  • A feedback button after playing a ladder game so you can tell everyone what you think of those ladder maps!
  • Fixes for game crashing bugs that required some changes to the exe file.
  • Slightly optimized performance for range rings.
  • A secondary weapon target priority list you can switch to by right clicking on the attack command in order to snipe high priority targets.

The patch notes can be found here and the development forum thread here  – feel free to post feedback!

We would have preferred to get this one out before Christmas but sadly we didn’t make it due to time constraints.

We hope that you had a nice Christmas this year and wish you a happy new year!

~The dev team.

Python Server downtime/update

Hello everyone,

The python server will be updated January 2nd at 10:00 GMT+0, which means the game will be temporarily unavailable. This shouldn’t last more than an hour, and you will be notified via Discord and on the IRC when the server will be back online.

Here is a highlight of the update log :

– Mods that were supposed to be ranked (BHedit among others) are now ranked again
– The python server is now easier to set up locally
– The server now takes the most reported end-game score result, which means there should be less case where the game has the wrong score
– See the full changelog here !

Also, please note that from now on, server updates won’t happen at fixed intervals every two months like they used to, but may instead happen more frequently and contain more minor changes – this will allow us to fix quickly some frequent issues without having to wait too much for the next deployment.

Merry christmas, and have a nice day  🙂

– Louvegarde

12/24/18: LOTS Finals and New Ladder Pool

Legend of the Stars Tournament Finals

Congratulations to all the commanders who have qualified for the Legend of the Stars End-of-the-Year Championship Finals!

The finals will be held December 29th, 2018 at 17:00 GMT +1.

For more details and the list of finalists, click the link here:

Special thanks to LegendoftheStars for devising and sponsoring this tournament, as well as FtXCommando, moonbear, and theeggroll for organizing.



New Ladder Pool

A new ladder pool has arrived!

Please make your feelings known about maps from the previous pool here:

Cobalt Valley
Esgaroth’s Ruins
Williamson’s Bridge
Theta Passage
Sentry Point
desert arena
The Ganges Chasma

Dragon River 1vs1
Niflheim – Final II v2
TAG_Craftious Maximus
Twin Rivers
Haven Reef Fixed
The land wilderness V3
Last Oasis
Daroza’s Sanctuary
Forgotten Facilities 10×10 (v.11)
Z-D Rasty Lite
Forbidden Pass v4

Crossfire Canal
Emerald Crater
Point of Reach v4
Pelagial v2
The Bermuda Locket

More details:

Regards, Mountain


Legend of the Stars Subs Tournament

Greetings Commanders,

A tournament will be held 22nd of December, 17:00 GMT+1 to determine the substitutions for the Legend of the Stars End-of-Year Championship Tournament, should any spots open. This is a 1v1 tournament and there is no rating limit.

Join now for a chance to be crowned the venerated LoTS Champion!

Click  here for details:

Main LoTS forum post:



Equilibrium Tournament #8 – U3500 2v2 Tournament

People kept asking for another one so its back by popular demand!

Click to sign up!

Saturday, 24th of November, 17:00 UTC

Prize pool:
First place: Fixed In Equilibrium Avatar  + 25 EUR for each player!
Second place: Faction Face Avatar
Third place: Faction Logo Avatar

How to sign up:
To sign up, and for more info, visit the forum thread here: