Several Updates

Hello Commanders,

Our team has made a few updates with bug fixes and fresh content for your enjoyment. Here are a few brief posts to update you all on what has been happening.

Developer Call

The team are hosting a call on the Tuesday the 30th at 20:00PM UTC + 1. If anyone would like to suggest any topics for us to discuss, feel free to do so. You can reach us on Discord, IRC or the forums if you wish to suggest a topic. This call will be streamed to Forged Alliance Forever YouTube channel.

IPv6 Bug

Brutus has made some changes to fix this issue, this should fix various issues with the client that you may have been having. If you are still experiencing issues due to this bug, feel free to let us know over on the Tech Support forums.

Balance Beta

The FAF Beta game has been updated with some new balance changes that are up for testing. We’d appreciate your feedback about these new changes. We have an active forum thread here where you can post your feedback. If you would like to view the changes that have been made, you can find the patch notes here.


A fix has been deployed for Coop that has fixed issues with the mission: Operation Rescue. This mission has been updated and you are now able to host this mission in the coop tab. You can find this new mission under the “Custom Missions” tab.

Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Hunting.

Download and connection issues (IP v6)

Dear commanders,

we are receiving a lot of complaints about unavailable services. In detail the What’s new? tab in the client, downloads from our content servers (maps, mods, replays, etc.) are broken for all users using IPv6.

We are aware of this issue and sorry for the inconvenience. While fixing the server setup might take a while, a confirmed workaround is deactivating IPv6 on your computer. Our fellow contributers have created a walkthrough how to do that on Windows 10 in our wiki here (use on your own risk).

Python client 0.16.1 final release

A final 0.16.1 stable client was released today. This will be the last stable release for a long while as we focus on development of the unstable branch. You can find the changelog at

Known issues:
* We had reports of some people having trouble using the map vault. For all we can tell this is not the fault of the client, but the server having trouble handling IPv6 connections. Switching to IPv4 should work as a workaround for the time being.
* If you have trouble loading the news sometimes, it’s most likely the WordPress server being sluggish to respond. We hope it will be fixed as the world settles down after the recent huge security updates.

RKs Explosions 1v1 Tournament

This is a 1v1 tournament with no rating limit and RKs Explosions mod enabled.
How to SIGN UP:
Either post your name on forums here: or use the challonge link (need challonge account:
If you do not have a forum or challonge account, contact a Tournament Director, he will proxy sign you up (Tokyto_). If you have any questions contact a Tournament Director.
Prize pool:
  • First place: Tournament Winner Avatar + 15 Euros!
  • Second place: Faction Face Avatar + 10 Euros!
  • Third place: Faction Logo Avatar + 5 Euros!
See you on the battlefield!

Your Player Councillor, Tokyto_

Yuri’s Blitz #42 – 1v1v1 FFA, ladder <1200 (steam prize)


Thursday, 4th of January.
18:00 Moscow time. Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream. For better understanding of time you can look here: will show you what time it is now in Moscow).

Ultra-prize – any steam game (for winner or he may gift it) $5 or less. You can postpone getting prize for time when discounts occur.

adder rating 1200 or less, 50 games played (total), any global rating

1v1v1 games. 1 player wins and advances.
Brutal small 5x5km maps with 3 or 6 slots. Random positions.

FINALS – maybe will be played next Monday (8th of January), if games until finals will be long.
Winning player gets a point.
4 points = winner of the tournament.
Maps are chosen by the players (5x5km, 10x10km). Players take turns in choosing the maps.

Full details: