FA Lobby 0.8.1

This is a major upgrade introducing the new online replay vault.

The features are still in development.

  • Display the 200 latest games.
  • Display the map, title of the game, the mod and the game duration.
  • If you single-click on a game, the tooltip will show you the players, their ratings, who win/lose, and their new ratings.
  • If you double-click on a game, it will update your FA to the correct version, download the map, the mod, and launch the replay !

The next update (in the next few days) will allow you to research by map, player, faction, rating, and mod, through the entire repository of replays.

Later (no ETA), you will be able to search for a player on a specific place on a map, and rate the replay and comment it.

FAF Lobby 0.7.599

You can finally choose what avatar you want to display !

Right-click on your nickname, and choose “Select Avatar”. A window will open with all the avatars available for you.

If you don’t set any avatar, the leagues/divisions avatar will be displayed automatically.

Complete change log :

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.7.598 (players incorrectly reported ingame).
  •  Allow user to select his avatar.
  • Admin interface for removing avatars.
  • Send multiples UDP packet for game port tester.

Supreme Destruction Update.

New units :

Supreme destruction

Balance changes :

  • Normalized Mantis and Thaam movement speed to FAF values, as well as turret yaw speed.
  • Changed the Cybran T2 Heavy Tank:
    • HP changed to 555, 10 HP/s regen
    • DPS increased by 2.5x
    • Removed built-in cloaking.
  • Increased the cost and build time for UEF Level 1 and Level 2 Armor plating upgrade, Cybran Advanced Actuator upgrade, and Aeon Rapid Fabricator upgrade.
  • Increased T1 shield consumption (-120 Level 1, -170 Level 2)
  • Decreased Cybran T3 Point Defense DPS by approximately 20%, this brings it to 3/5ths of the UEF T3 Point Defense
  • Fixed Aeon T3 PD not sucking in T1 units properly, instead just killing them
  • Fixed UEF T3 Super Tank upgrade glitch where in some rare cases you couldn’t trade in the Enhanced Optics upgrade for the Enhanced Engine upgrade.
  • Increased TML redirect range on the Loyalist (by approximately 90%) and the Megalith (by approximately 150%)
  • Normalized the Cybran T1 gunship to FAF values, then lowered armor by 300, and increased the DPS by 60
  • Normalized T3 and T2 Mass Fabs to FAF values
  • Decreased the weapon range of all ACU Gun upgrades to bring it closer to FAF values
  • Removed the ability of the T3 Cybran Land factory to build T2 Destroyers
  • Fixed the Seraphim T3 Combat Bot weapon not toggling properly
  • Changed the Seraphim T3 Combat Bot’s secondary weapon to default to Anti Air when built

FAF Lobby 0.7.596

New version of the lobby.

This version fix several problems in the game lister :

  • Fix some games reporting the wrong number of players.
  • Fix an issue where game balance was not computed, or incorrectly computed when virtually adding the player.
  • Nicer tooltip for the games, showing the country flag and the rating when it’s relevant for that user.