What is Forged Alliance?

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Forged Alliance is a stand-alone expansion of the 2007 Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game “Supreme Commander“. It was the spiritual sequel of the 1997 RTS game “Total Annihilation“.

Supreme Commander has many unique features that truly set it apart in the RTS realm :

  • Flux economy. Unlike the majority of RTS games, you don’t collect a finite amount of resources, but build resource-generating buildings. These buildings give you mass and energy per second.
  • Flux Army Creation. You don’t need to babysit your factories. You can make them produce and loop an infinite queue of units.
  • Strategic Zoom. Use your mouse scroll wheel to pan and zoom around the map. From the barrel of your tank to the whole map with a little move of your finger, you won’t need minimap anymore.
  • Unique Resource. In other RTS games, time is not a resource. A unit is built in X number of seconds, period. In Supreme Commander, if you really need a unit RIGHT NOW, you can assist its creation to have it quicker. On the contrary, if you don’t have enough resources, it can still be built, but will take longer to finish.
  • Improved User Interface. You can make patrols of units, tell a factory to build the same units as another, make automatic rally points using air transports… All you need for focusing on your fights and your strategies, not micromanaging your base.
  • Simulated projectiles. All the ballistic projectiles are physically simulated. You can dodge a bullet, avoid an artillery shell or avoid a missile in real time. A plane can collide with a missile, a projectile on a high arc trajectory can collide a plane, and even nuclear missiles can collide with your air force… It’s all accurately simulated.
  • Truly epic scale. The game is not without micro, but it’s mostly about large quantities of units. It’s not uncommon to give orders to hundreds of units at once while thousands have already died. The map size goes from  25 km2 up to 6561km !
  • Strategy is the key, not APM. As you command big armies, what will make the difference between a glorious win and the shame of a loss is your strategy, not how fast you can click.
  • Complete Intel System. You have radars, sonars, radar jammers, stealth units, stealth generators, and even unit cloaking !
  • Multi-Environment Battles. You fight on land, air, sea, and even in orbit. Fights can occur in forests, desert wastelands, in cities, in the middle of the ocean and hundreds of other settings.
  • BFU. Big F***** Units, also called Experimentals. Costly, dangerous and impressive ! They carry the strength of entire armies.
  • Nukes, giant robots and lasers. They are awesome. BOUM. Nuclear weapons that can shoot across the planet, artillery that can fire a shell ten miles, battleships, giant robots, submersible aircraft carriers, spider-bots and more add a level of detail and a sci-fi appeal found nowhere else in the genre.

Forged Alliance bring to that a new playable faction, new units and better game dynamics, bringing to the world one of the most complete RTS experiences ever created.

Forged Alliance Forever is extending Forged Alliance even more, bringing new patches, game modes, units, ladders, and an exclusive Meta-Game.

Still not convinced ? Then take a look at these awesome videos made by Rake. All the sequences are made from in-game content and are NOT cut-scenes !

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