• Derp is stepping up
    Derp is taking up a new community lead role on the team of FAForever contributors and has been listening to the majority of the player base to guarantee equality. His vision is simple – a quality RTS experience for everyone! Be the first to learn about his ambitions and the […]
  • Hidden Pearl Tournament
    Sign up now to join in for this alternative tournament format specifically set up to to attract new players and encourage higher rated players to coach them.
  • A new innovative cast format
    Tufty Indigo is experimenting with a new, innovative cast format. It involves post-processed cutouts of events that are happening else where but are otherwise not visible on screen. It’s a refreshing format that shows every detail. Go give it a view and a like!
  • Common Mistakes
    Watch this video by TheGreenSquier that tackles some mistakes new players make, and how to fix and avoid them to improve your games.
  • FAForever infrastructure is being DDOS’ed (again)
    The infrastructure of FAForever is receiving a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. This time around it impacts the players that make use of the relays to connect to other players. The consequence is that players may drop out suddenly. We’re trying our best to send fire beetles down the […]