• New FAF Website
    Well, it’s been almost a month since the new website released so this news article is a bit late to say the least. Nonetheless, I’m very excited to see the new website up and running without any issues. Couple of day one bugs were squashed and it seems everything else […]
  • Register for the Rainbow Cup VI
    Rainbow Cup VI – $1.5K total prize pool. 3v3vAI Tournament Mar 11,12+18. Register by Feb 28.
  • Balance Patch 3750
    It includes many small tweaks, reworks of existing units and adds an exiting new feature – the Specific Target Priorities. Below you can find the full changelog with all of the changes and reasoning behind them. We hope you enjoy this new patch, – Balance Team
  • New Smooth Terrain in FAF Develop!
    Tired of a bad pathfinding? ACU stuck in a pgen? Jip and Balthazar bring us the possibility of making buildings in-game be smoother and less sharp, possibly (maybe) alleviating pathfinding issues and making the game much more visually appealing, try it now in FAF develop!!!
  • The New Website is Out!
    Albeit it may look new and shiny, the new website is coming out with some minor hiccups from its first real rodeo in the production environment! If you encounter any issue, click this article to get sent to the forum post or just DM or ping Javi in the FAF […]