Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Roadmap for the next few weeks

I’m moving FAF on our new server this week (10/10).

Then :

– will open, with a brand new homepage for FA Forever.

– I’m currently updating the Updater :)
Would be easier to update FA and FAF, less errors too, and lighter updates.
This will also allow easy updates of Featured mods.

– FA will be upped to 3609, supporting Sorian AI, fixing more bugs (thanks to FunkOff), and introducing a correct versionning number (in replay and top right corner of the main screen). This will allow backward compatibility of replays.
This version *should* be compatible with 3603, and so Steam version.

– Feature mods will open will 3 mods.

King of The Hill and phantom-N and -X will come some days later.
Experimental Wars will be added when ready, and maybe the new Blackops version will join the section too.

– The replay vault :
Raging_Squirrel is working on the web side, the DB works will be done soon.

After that, we will reach RC1, so no new features until all the existing ones are stable.