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Chris Taylor talks to you !

At the same time I’ve wrote the news about GPG, I’ve sent an email to Chris Taylor saying that he could count on us for supporting him.

I’ve got an answer today. I will keep it private, but he wants you to know some stuff about Wildman.

I hope that everyone knows that my intentions are to make another crazy game, something that pushes the boundaries and creates a new experience, risky at that may be.

And it’s true, I think what he is trying to do with Wildman was never done before. He may invent or re-invent something here.

I wasn’t that interested in RTS before TA. The scale in other RTS was naive (and still is in most games).
How many times did you say “Oh my god that thing is HUGE” in a RTS or a MOBA ?

Full of epicness.
Full of epicness.

CT games was always able to achieve an epic feeling that I wasn’t able to find in any other game. You start small and escalate to something very powerful and huge. That’s what I’ve loved with Demigod (and I hate MOBA in general).

So even you don’t feel interested by that kind of game at a first sight, consider that CT and his madness is behind it 🙂