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New featured mods + Update !

New featured mods are available !

Supreme Destruction

Prepare for a Supreme Destruction upgrade for Forged Alliance. This mod adds custom units, as well as tweaks the existing ones, it will change the experience of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. The mod is updated regularly, with tweaks and balance patches.

Main features:

  • Custom units
  • Rebalanced and tweaked existing units
  • Planned Orbital Warfare
  • More Experimentals
  • Expansion Addons to the base Supreme Destruction


Run for your life !

After a startup time of some minutes, the game will get smaller 25 times (with 1 min interval), until only a very little space in the middle is left.
Everything outside explodes.

Very fun mod to try absolutely !

Diamond mod

Diamond is updated !

The change log is available here !

A Diamond tournament will occur soon !