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Nomads update.

A new version of Nomads is now available.

Over the last weeks we’ve watched countless replays to find bugs and improve balance.

With this update it’s still not perfect but it’s progress in the right direction.
Also some new models were added, though some are without proper texture.

One of the highlights in this version is the SCU factory and the way Nomads let’s you build SCU’s that are enhanced, right of the factory.

We feel this makes SCU’s more viable.

A mini mod has been included that allows the SCU’s of other factions be build in this fashion aswell.

A second minimod included let’s the Comet experimental transport transport 1 ship, like it does with experimentals.

Lastly, a version of GAZ_UI and Hotbuild are included that should work with Nomads. We haven’t tested these last two (GAZ and Hotbuild) fully so please let us know if not all features are present or compatible with Nomads.

The complete change log is available here :