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Supreme Destruction Update.

New units :

Supreme destruction

Balance changes :

  • Normalized Mantis and Thaam movement speed to FAF values, as well as turret yaw speed.
  • Changed the Cybran T2 Heavy Tank:
    • HP changed to 555, 10 HP/s regen
    • DPS increased by 2.5x
    • Removed built-in cloaking.
  • Increased the cost and build time for UEF Level 1 and Level 2 Armor plating upgrade, Cybran Advanced Actuator upgrade, and Aeon Rapid Fabricator upgrade.
  • Increased T1 shield consumption (-120 Level 1, -170 Level 2)
  • Decreased Cybran T3 Point Defense DPS by approximately 20%, this brings it to 3/5ths of the UEF T3 Point Defense
  • Fixed Aeon T3 PD not sucking in T1 units properly, instead just killing them
  • Fixed UEF T3 Super Tank upgrade glitch where in some rare cases you couldn’t trade in the Enhanced Optics upgrade for the Enhanced Engine upgrade.
  • Increased TML redirect range on the Loyalist (by approximately 90%) and the Megalith (by approximately 150%)
  • Normalized the Cybran T1 gunship to FAF values, then lowered armor by 300, and increased the DPS by 60
  • Normalized T3 and T2 Mass Fabs to FAF values
  • Decreased the weapon range of all ACU Gun upgrades to bring it closer to FAF values
  • Removed the ability of the T3 Cybran Land factory to build T2 Destroyers
  • Fixed the Seraphim T3 Combat Bot weapon not toggling properly
  • Changed the Seraphim T3 Combat Bot’s secondary weapon to default to Anti Air when built