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Balance Patch 3622 : Testing !

We’ve entered the next phase of the patch process : The testing.

During 25 days, we will put the proposals to the test.

Sometimes we will test “bad” changes to be sure they are bad, sometimes we will remove “good” changes because they are not so good.

No change is “safe”, even a 90% popular change can be removed if proven bad.
On the contrary, you can ask to test a (proposed) change for a day or two and post some replays proving it’s actually a good idea.

But this is only possible if you are part of the testing and give feedback from your games !
Remember that it is probably your chance to be heard until the next patch period (in three months).

The thread to give feedback is here :

The full logs are always available here : (you can click on the numbers to see a complete description).

You can test the mod in the featured mod list : “Balance Testing”.