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FAF and Galactic War future.


I’m happy to announce that the successful indiegogo campaign and the high praise of FAF in PCGamer brought me under the spotlight of big fishes.

I’m glad to announce that Galactic War will be officially supported by Activision/Blizzard !

This is very exiting for me, I hope you are thrilled too !

Blizzard has a long history of supporting promising mods (like DoTA), and is very interested in bringing the Galactic War experience to Starcraft 2.

Galactic War will be an exclusive feature for Starcraft 2, and I’m currently moving the whole project over Battle.Net 2.0. ┬áThis sadly means that I won’t have time to make the FAF version.

I will try to find someone to take over FAF over the next month as I won’t have time to maintain it anymore.