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Patch 3624 Released.

This is a quick fix, solving two small “imbalances” and some bugs, all thanks to Pip.

Balance change :

  • Mantis: turret turn = 100 (from 120), +10 compared to 3621 and before.
  • Titan Health and shield HP switch was forgotten.
  • Adding a blast radius effect (not dealing any damage) after a SCU teleport.
  • Adding a 10 seconds stun after a SCU teleport.

Bug fixes :

Colors :

  • Fixed order of colors so that blue and red are first (for automatch).
  • Changed red to “Cybran red”.
  • Removed light green that is too similar to white.
  • Changed light grey into a darker grey.
  • Checked that all the first 8 colors are not to difficult to distinguish for common color blind people.

In-Game fixes :

  • Fixed SAM homing missile not reaching their target with the new Area of Effect.
  • Fixed Aeon ships with Oblivion weapon (Destroyer, Battleship, Tempest) missing when turning.
  • Fixed the Rhino and Cerberus projectiles not able to hit moving targets.
  • Cerberus and Rhino lasers are now visible even if you don’t see the “source”.
  • Fixed the UEF Janus dropping its bombs often in a small zone in front of the target, dealing no damage or almost.