Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Custom faction themes for FAF.

As you may or may not know, FAF lobby has a full customization support with CSS and interface files.
You can easily pack your themes, distribute them, and switch between them in the “Options – Themes” menu.

Rhei has finished some faction themes you can download and install !

Click here to download.

The Seraphim Theme.
The Seraphim Theme.



Disclaimer :

While the lobby support themes, they may break some functions or produce errors.
They may be incompatible with an upcoming update of FAF.
Use them at your own risk, and disable them before reporting any problem with the lobby !

How to install :

Extract the zip file to the theme folder: %COMMONAPPDATA%\FAForever\themes  (C:\ProgramData\FAForever\themes for most of you).