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The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Galactic War Alpha.


The alpha phase of Galactic War will start this week.

Only Galactic War donators from the indiegogo campaign can have access to it.

If you have donated, you should be added to this group in the forum :, and you should have access to this forum, where the alpha will take place :

If you are a donator but don’t have access to the forum, please contact me at [email protected].

Many people missed the indiegogo campaign and asked me if it’s still possible to be part of the adventure.

I have decided to continue the campaign through the paypal account :
You can still donate for galactic war, and claim the same rewards (

Please enter “Galactic War” in the comments of your paypal donation or it will go for the server costs.
Here is what you can expect or not from the alpha stage :

  • Almost daily updates of the lobby.
  • Galactic War Server restarting all the time.
  • Tons of bugs that you will have to report.
  • Lot of missing features.
  • Currently, only 1 vs 1 is working, features will be added regularly until beta.
  • Hopefully some fun.