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Call for balance testing teams.

The current amount of testers for the current balance patch is rather poor, and I can’t release the patch in that current state.

That’s why, once again, we will change how the balance will work.

You have until Friday to assemble a team of players. That group can have any number of players, but not less than 4, and a single leader.

The leader will have to post his group composition in the forum, with a short description of each member, what they want to change and how, and why people should vote for them.

You can be part of several testing groups, as long as you are not the leader of more than one group.

On Friday, I will put the groups on a public vote for the week-end, and the winner will be the official balance team for that patch.

That group will decide what need to be tweaked and how, accordingly to their original pledge.

The discussions will be opened to anyone of course, but the members of the group will have the final word on any subject. The leader will have access to the balance mod and will be able to update it as often as he want. (one of the member must know how to edit blueprints).

The team will decide when the tweaks are over, and the leader will have to give me the final values for each change, as well as a short description to put on the change log.

Final rule : The goal is to go forward and finalize the current changes. That’s why any change outside the focus of the current changes will be dismissed (ie. changing the SCU, …).
If you don’t know what is the focus of the current patch, you probably shouldn’t apply to this 🙂