Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Lobby 0.8.70

Change log :


  • FreeImage warning are now ignored. They were causing the annoying, but harmless “Application has stop incorrectly, ….. check faforever.exe.log” errors when the lobby was closing.
  • Incorrectly downloaded images are correctly replaced with the usual placeholder.

Galactic War:

  • Fixed an issue with the reinforcement panel crashing the lobby when units were given.
  • Fixed various display bugs.
  • The way attacks and defenses are handled is modified:
    • When you are launching an attack, you start “charging” it.
    • When fully charged, the planet occupation is increased by 5% for your faction.
    • A defense will stop the charge.
    • Losing a defense make the charge continues. No other malus. (don’t fear defending! Nothing to lose! No fear to recall, nothing bad can happen!)
    • Winning a defense stop the charge and give some money to the defender.
    • Setting “away” or quitting GW without giving your attack stop it immediately.
    • It’s a new mechanism, bugs may (and certainly will) occur. Don’t hesitate to report anything in the forum!

Mod vault:

  • The mod vault is now scanning mods in zip files (but you shouldn’t do that).
  • The mod vault is now using the cache folder for mod icons.
  • Mod icons are downloading in background.
  • The sort options in the mod vault are now working.
  • The game lister display list of mod more nicely.
  • (Untested) Windows XP support for the mod vault. You should update to Seven 🙂
  • Fixed an issue when joining games from the chat.


  • “Quit” messages are now only displayed when the player is actually in that channel.
  • Avoid displaying non-downloaded avatars (white square).
  • Support for random colored Nicknames. Check Options menu!

Note : As always, the colors used by that option can be modified by a theme.
The file can be found and modded in “_res/client/randomcolors.json”.

It’s a json encoded list of HTML color. The lobby will chose randomly a color in that list, depending of the nickname (a nickname will always get the same color).