Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Lobby 0.8.73


  • Added buttons for the account renamer and the steamLink ( in the login page.
  • SteamLink allows Virtual Machine and several accounts on the same computer.
  • Fixed the error reported (linking to tech forum).

Galactic War

  • Fix: Quitting a squad was creating a crash.
  • FIX: slave message was disappearing.
  • FIX: swirls not displaying properly when enslaved.
  • Removed the “searching for attackers” popups.
  • Hiding the map downloads.
  • Removed the cancel button for the updater.


  • Added icons states.

This allow the theme modders to put several state on icons, like chat.png, games.png, ladder.png,… in client.

Let’s take chat.png as exemple. You can add these files in the same folder:

  • chat_disabled.png
  • chat_active.png
  • chat_selected.png

Disabled : When the function is disabled (ie. Galactic War offline).

Active : When the user is interacting with it (ie. hovering the mouse over it).

Selected : When the current icon is the active one of the group (ie. the icon of the current selected tab).