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Galactic War status update.

Galactic War has a severe memory leak that could lead to severe problem through the whole system (lobby, livereplay, forum, website, …).

It was shutdown until I had time to investigate it.

Galactic War was part of fund-raising made last year, in order to allow me to work on FAF/GW outside my real work, and not only in my free time.

The time I’ve spend on FAF rapidity went outside the money raised, so I’ve decided to take some real vacations from FAF before making the last effort.

Galactic War, better mod vault and proxy server network are still planned features, and I will resume work on them in January.

But it’s Christmas time, so I’ve spend some time solving the memory leak.

I’m glad to announce that Galactic War BETA is back online, and forum inscription is no longer required to use it.

Before using it, some warnings :

  • It’s a beta, it’s not feature complete.
  • There is no wiki, help or documentation. It’s useless to write anything like that for now as everything can move rapidly.
  • The current implementations are documented on the forum. If you don’t understand something, it’s probably the place to go.
  • If you have a problem, report it. Problems won’t go away magically.
  • Some maps are broken, more on that on the last paragraph of this news.
  • The current galactic map is temporary. It will be bigger on the last days on the beta.
  • Balance is not done.

The Galactic Map will have hundreds of unique maps. Obviously, I can’t test all maps by myself to see if they are working properly. We are not aiming for perfect symmetry (actually, asymmetry is a good thing in GW), but they have to be mostly fair.

That’s why I need your help. If you want to be part of the map tester team, please register to the forum, go on your user panel, and join the “Galactic War Map Testers“.

When enough people are in the group, I will split the map selection between them, each one will have to test a certain amount of maps, and report the broken ones. Obviously, testers will be rewarded with unique avatars!