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Galactic War update – 0.10.104

Most visible change : It comes with a new Galactic map !

The new galactic map
The new galactic map

To accommodate with this new size, several new functions are available on your info panel :

  • Goto planet. Type a planet name to be teleported to it!
  • The biggest the planet, the biggest the map you will play.
  • The overlay display the maximum size for your squad.
  • Click on your attack to automatically center the view on it.
  • All enemy attacks are seen on a new “Planets Under attack” panel. Click on one to center the view on it.

New functions are available in game too !


Available for everyone. Can be offered.

This item is passive. It allows your Headquarter to track your ACU more precisely. If you have one, you will be recalled immediately and automatically if your ACU is nearly dead, in no time. Sadly, the activation overcharge your recall system, and the item is lost.

Also, your enemy will probably get extra credits for bravery if they make you using it…

Structure reinforcements

Available from rank 2, more options for higher ranks (up to 5). Can be offered.

As you have noticed, some rookies support commanders are helping you in battle. They are able to build units from useless parts of the planets using the credits you’ve gave them.

They are now able to send you Tech 3 engineers to build some structures near the landing zone you’ve defined with the beacon.

You can mix units & structures in the same reinforcement group.

Bug fixes & Changes

  • Reinforcements beacons take 3x more time to build.
  • Reinforcement transports are no longer attacking enemy units, making them unable to drop.
  • Reclaiming or building over planetary defenses is no longer working.
  • Reinforcements arrival and landing zone offsets in order to space out the transports.

Remember to report any bug in the forum!