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1vs1 Teamgamemap Tourney

Sunday 1/06/2014 @ 6PM GMT+1

Ever wanted to play teamgames without teams? This is your chance!

1vs1 Teamgamemap Tourney

About the tournament

The Rules
Swiss Style (at least 5 rounds will be played)
Scores off
rks_explosions may be used if both sides agree
Games must be ended via the score screen

The maps
1. Cauldron Small v1 (top left vs bottom right)
2. Wonder 4vs4 v3 (top left vs bottom right)
3. The Pyramid v3
4. ForestPlanet FA v2a BETA (top left vs bottom right)
5. Tabula Rasa 4vs4 v3 (top right vs bottom left)

The rewards

#1 gets MONIES!!! (sponsored by TA4Life). Also the STRATEGIC GENIUS and TOURNAMENT WINNER avatars!!!
#2 gets a Faction Face avatar of choice!!
#3 gets a Faction Logo avatar of choice!

The organisators

• Gorton – Tournament director •
• TA4Life – Sponsored the tournament •