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Pretty explosions tournament?

Tonight! 24/05 @ 7PM GMT+1

Some of you might have noticed RK4000’s explosion mod, some of you might have not. It’s a mod that improves the quality of explosions (duh)! You can download it in the mod vault by searching “rks_explosions”.

So how sexy are these explosions? Suggestions?


Let’s talk about the tournament now!

As mentioned above the tournament will be taking place tonight (24/05/2014) @ 7PM GMT+1 | 2PM EST

The maps

Winner’s Bracket
1. Theta 5
2. Forbidden Pass v4
3. Syrtis Major (God yes!)
4. Veil of Stars v3
Open Palms
White Fire v2

Loser’s Bracket
1. Forbidden Pass v4
2. Syrtis Major
3. Veil of Stars v3
4. Crimson Fued
5. High Noon
6. Open Waters
7. Regor VI Highlands

The rules

• Double Elimination •
• Standard ladder game options •
• Exit game via score screen •

The rewards

#1 gets to design the explosion (with RK4000) for a unit of choice. He/she will also get the “Tournament Winner” avatar!!!
#2 gets a Faction Face avatar of choice!!
#3 gets a Faction Logo avatar of choice!

The organisators

• Gorton – Tournament director •
• Ceneraii – Tournament director’s backup •
• RK4000 – Creator of the mod •

another sexy picture ~
RK's Explosions #1