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World Wide People’s Championship update!

For those who don’t know it yet, WWPC is back alive!

Check it out here:

This weekend

Our new U1100 Champion: RandomNameGenerator

Also known as BigStompyRobot won against manread meaning he is the new U1100 Champion, congratulations!

O1900: Pachuriko gets challenged!

Pachuriko has his title for a while now. However, Mad-Mozart and ZLO are playing in the knockouts (map = badlands) to challenge Pachuriko, will we have a new O1900 Champion?

U1900: StefanD vs Nombringer BO5

StefanD and Nombringer will be playing a BO5 to decide who will become the new U1900 Champion. Their first map shall be Twin rivers, followed by maps of their own choice!

U1500: Ceneraii vs Tokyto_ BO5

Ceneraii will be playing Tokyto_ in a BO5 for the U1500 title! Their first map shall be Vya-3 Protectorate, followed by maps of their own choice!

Note: you can win money with WWPC now, make sure to check out the forums!