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Patch 3633 – Changelogs.

This patch should be considered a “Beta patch”. We will iterate it during a month until we are happy with the changes introduced.


  • Introducing T3 Mobile Anti-Air. If you don’t like them, there is a restriction category inside the lobby to remove them.
  • Aeon T3 Support Air factory costs and storage corrected
  • Cybran T3 Support Naval factory buildtime corrected
  • UEF T3 Transport shield fix to avoid units to receive damages.
  • Aeon Battleship charge reduced to 0.1 (from 0.5).
  • T3 SAMs don’t hurt friendly units anymore.
  • Fix for spillover damage for shields.
  • Fixing some unit descriptions.

If you have comments or fixes to propose, you can propose them in the forum.

Fixes must be submitted with code, as a pull request in the repository or they won’t be considered (check “external contributors” forum).