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Forward Progress

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of the hand-off between myself and Ze_Pilot.

As discussed in the prior new post, after three years of very hard work for us all, Ze_Pilot is retiring and I am taking over to lead FAF into a new era of community leadership.

During my “first week on the job” I was able to speak with many of you via chat and forums.  I enjoyed doing so.

Right now my priorities are to:

1) Finish getting all servers/service and passwords moved over.  With Ze_Pilots help we have pretty much all of this done, except the transfer of domain name from his registrar to mine.  This just takes some registrar bureaucracy.

2. Getting a new server or servers set up as a home for  This will likely be at Softlayer in Amsterdam, and at least two servers:  One for mysql, one for everything else  (Net result: should be faster)

3. Continue listening, learning and getting involved as we evolve to community leadership.

4. Get the all the source code into GPLv3 license for all the community to use openly

5. Start working on some ideas and guidelines for a team of community leaders.  What I have half-jokingly been calling the “Council of Setons”

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me via FAF chat or via PM on the forums.  I’m visionik both places.

Thank you,