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New Server – Looking good so far…

Hi Everyone.

We have successfully switched over to a new server.  The new server has a quad-core 3.5ghz Xeon, 16gb of RAM, a gigabit internet connection, and lives at Softlayer in Amsterdam.

GIANT 80×80 map-sized thanks to Rienzilla, who really did almost all the work to get this new server running.   Seriously, thank you so much.

Please note:  Replays for the month of October may not be on the new server yet.  They are being copied over.  They should all be on the new server by tomorrow.

If you notice any other problems at all, please let me know via one of the means below:

1 PM me in the FAF chat, or if you can’t get there

2. post on … or if you can’t get there

3. please email [email protected]