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Poll to remove some maps from the ladder.

Hi everyone.   Over the last week one subject that keeps coming up is problems with the current ladder.  In the long run we need to improve the client to handle ladder games and preferences better.  In the short run, I think many people feel some problematic maps should be removed or fixed.  I’ve put a poll up on the forum so you can vote on removing them or not.  The poll is at:

And the list of proposed maps to remove is below.  You can find out more about why each map may be removed in the poll.    Thank you!   -Visionik

  1. Cluster Freak,
  2. Hardffa,
  3. Moonshine,
  4. Sulphur Mounds,
  5. The Ditch,
  6. Waters of Isis,
  7. Crazyrush,
  8. Varga pass,
  9. Resevoir,
  10. Shloob,
  11. Four corners,
  12. Paradise,
  13. Wilderness,
  14. Island Zero,
  15. The Scar,
  16. Corsica Duel,
  17. Johns Pass,
  18. Fields of thunder,
  19. Open Waters, and
  20. Moonlight.