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Patch 3636 is here!

It’s been a long time in the making, but patch 3636 is here at last. It’s a patch motivated by exploits and bugs that were in 3634, and as such there are no direct balance changes included. These will be developed as part of the next patch, 3637.

This patch also includes a new 2.5 lobby by Xinnony with major improvements. ¬†Please note we do know of one bug with the new lobby related to CPU scores. ¬† It’s being worked as you read this.

Everyone in all the teams working behind the scenes for FAF hopes you have a great time. Enjoy!

Changelog for patch 3636

Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed infinite economy exploit
  • Fixed free ACU upgrade exploit
  • Security exploits with simcallbacks
  • Fixed UEF Drone upgrade exploits

Bug Fixes

– Continental Fixes:

  • Fixed units firing from transport
  • Fixed Continental not dying to Nukes with the shield up
  • Improved fix for units being transported taking no damage while the shield is up
  • Fixed UEF T3 Mobile AA being able to fire from Continental, and reduced projectile number
  • T3 Seraphim Mobile Artillery given proper ‘ARTILLERY’ designation
  • Fix adjacency buffs working when unit is turned off
  • Fixed Cybran ACU with Laser upgrade being unable to ever fire the weapon after being transported, and improve targeting furtheR

– Cybran ACU Fixes:

  • Fixed Cybran ACU with Torpedo upgrade firing at the floor after being transported
  • Fixed Cybran ACU Torpedo upgrade firing while the ACU’s feet are only just underwater
  • Fixed Cybran ACU being unable to be shot by Torpedoes with only its feet in the water

– Other Fixes:

  • Fixed Seraphim ACU dying when dropped from Transport after being picked up while firing
  • Fixed Seraphim ACU shot being visible through FoW
  • Fixed invalid preview range of SMDs
  • Fixed Aeon T1 Bomber targeting subsurface units
  • Given units now get correct experience points
  • Given units are returned to their original owner in share until death
  • UI-mods are now refreshed before launch

Game Improvements

  • Personal Shields now protect units also under bubble shields
  • Personal Shields now protect units properly from splash weaponry
  • Bubble Shields now interact with splash weaponry properly
  • Replay sync support
  • Hotbuild ‘upgrade’ key now takes engy-mod into account
  • Attempt to fix bomblet spread on bombers such as UEF and Cybran T1 Bombers
  • Attempt to fix Seraphim T1 Mobile AA’s aim
  • Improved autobalance with random spawns in lobby
  • SMD can be paused
  • New “No Walls” Unit Restriction
  • Improved the Unit Restrictions menu descriptions, including localisation
  • Improved the Attack-Move feature (Factory Attack-Move Engineer behaviour left alone)
  • Made factory queue templates more accessible, the save button was hidden when the factory wasn’t paused
  • Show replay-ID in score
  • Less UI-lag
  • Some sim-speed improvements
  • Remove ACU score bump, ACU kills now score 5000


  • Sheeo
  • a_vehicle
  • Crotalus
  • Pip
  • IceDreamer
  • thygrrr
  • PattogoTehen
  • RK4000
  • Eximius
  • Xinonny

We’d like to extend special thanks to these users for their assistance with translations

  • Navax
  • Alex1911
  • Preytor

The changelog can be viewed online at github here as well.

Changelog for lobby 2.5

Big thanks to Xinnony for his work on the in-game lobby. Changelog here:

  • Add Changelog dialog
  • Add numbers of Restriction in OptionContainer
  • Add new view in ModManager
  • Add ‘Show system message’ option for see (connecting players, go observers, disconnected, …)
  • Add ‘Player Swapped’ message
  • Add ‘Connected with xxx (with FAF Proxy)’ message see if is connected with FAFproxy
  • Add 1250 and 1500 Units Caps
  • Fix Preset not loaded correctly (exemple FinalRushPro)
  • Fix ModManager crash sometime
  • Fix a bug in Game Options, the new value is reset if you scroll the list
  • Fix sometime a PresetLobby not loaded (caused by map not available)
  • Fix ‘CH’ and ‘VA’ flag country
  • Fix yellow country
  • Replace Checkbox to Radiobox in ModManager
  • Replace the ‘world’ flag country
  • Delete ‘Player go to Slot’ message
  • Delete ‘Player go to Observer’ message
  • Remember a options ‘Hide default Options’
  • Show message if map is not available in PresetLobby
  • SpeedUp UpdateGame(), merge 3 loops
  • Typo in ‘Lobby options’
  • The ConnectDialog lasts until the lobby is fully loaded
  • Typo ‘x mods UI’ to ‘x UI mods’ (KRAMP idea)
  • Now you can see and select only the color available
  • Transparent color the ACU in Minimap (just the grey color, not the black border)
  • Add new restrictions (NoEngineeringStation+EnhancementDrone), (NoEyeofRhianneandSoothsayer)
  • Typos in PresetLobby

I’d like to extend a thank you to all FAF-contributors that didn’t directly contribute to patch 3636. We wouldn’t have come this far without them! Also a big thank you to Ze_PilOt.