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The Founding Council of Setons

Hello everyone –

First, I wanted to let you know we are going to cut down the # of maps in the ladder map pool today as per the discussion thread we had about it last month.  Only the maps that were widely agreed should be cut will be cut.  We’ll have a second discussion about cutting the ones that were “on the fence”

More importantly, I wanted to update you on the Council of Setons.   This is where we are:

1. Players Councilor – I have started a thread here for people to nominate players councilors.  Those that accept a nomination will then be put up for a vote.  Nominations and acceptions of nominations will be open until January 15th.   We will then vote from January 16th-30th.

2. Client/Server Councilor – I have asked Sheeo to take this position, and he has accepted.

3. Patch and Balance Councilor – more on this below.

4. Map and Mods Councilor – more on this below.

5. Server Operation Councilor – I would like to ask Rienzilla to serve in this position, however I have not been online at the same time as him to ask.   So Rienzilla… (UPDATE: Rienzilla has accepted)

6. Moderators Councilor – I have asked the moderation team to nominate their own councilor and should have a name in the next week.  (UPDATE: Voodoo has been selected)

7. Promoters Councilor – I have asked BRNKoINSANITY to serve, and he has accepted.

8. Administrative Councilor – I have asked myself to serve, and I have accepted.  😉

On the grand question of the Patch and Balance Councilor.  This has been a very tough one.  I could find no consensus among the many people I talked with about this role.  I suppose is to be expected.  As I’ve said before people are passionate about this game.  This is also the most “political” of the council positions.   So, at the suggestion of Sheeo (thank you Sheeo) I am going to get the initial council in place, and the council will then pick a Patch and Balance Councilor after more discussion.

On the question of the Maps and Mod Councilor – their has been some debate on whether this can or should be one person.   The problem with making it two people is that I don’t want the council to get too big; this causes logistical problems.  So, this is also a subject which will also be discussed by the initial council.

I appreciate greatly all of the input and suggestions everyone has given me over the last few months on the Council.   This is going to be a living organization – it will change over time.   We will get some things wrong, we will make some changes to make those things right.  Please keep your comments and suggestions coming as we do that over the next year.

Thank you and happy FAFing,