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It’s Been A Long Time

Ok, actually it’s only been about three weeks since my last post, but it feels like forever!  (Like an FA forever?)

I had two huge projects at work back-to-back, the last one just finished up yesterday so I have some time to focus on FAF now.

First order of business:  The vote for the players councilor.   Short answer is it is held up by me.

Long answer is Sheeo is working to add OAuth support to the FAF server.   This is going to mean a bunch of really nice improvements to FAF account creation and logins in the long run; but in the short run it will let us use a third party voting/survey system that authenticates you with via your FAF login – to prevent vote fraud.  Ze_Pilot did this with a token system, we decided to go with the OAuth approach.

Sheeo is largely (partially?) waiting on me to buy an SSL certificate for the server.  I’m researching vendors/pricing tonight and will buy a certificate tomorrow.

Second… In the meantime, the following players were nominated for the player councilor vote but have neither accepted nor rejected their nominations (to the best of my knowledge).   If you are one of these players please PM or otherwise contact lextoc or myself to us know if you accept the nomination or not:


Some have asked what the “players councilor” is.  What is the role?

The Council of Setons is going to be like the board of FAF.  It won’t get involved in the day to day operations, but will set strategic direction, make long term goals, and lay out a type of “constitution” for FAF.  For example the top thing I’d like to see is “The main goal of FAF is to have fun”.

The Players Councilor will represent the interests of the players above all else.  While other Councilors will be expected to think about how hard something is to code, or how hard it will be to maintain it on the server, or how it will affect game balance, the Players Councilor will focus almost exclusively on “what do the players want the most?”

Third and finally:   Voodoo has been nominated by the moderators as the Moderators Councilor – and Rienzilla has accepted my request to serve on the Council as the Server Councilor.  Welcome to the Council, Voodoo and Rienzilla!

PS: Todays post title is inspired by Cake’s “It’s Been A Long Time”.   Great band.