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Please Vote for Players Councilor

Hi Everyone –

Below is the link to vote for the Players Councilor on the Council of Setons.  If you don’t know what that means, more information is below.  Voting will close at 6AM (in your local time zone) on Monday, February 23rd.

Note you must view this post from within the “What’s New?” Tab of the FAF client in order to vote.  Also note you can vote multiple times, but only your last vote will be counted:

It’s after 6AM on February 23rd 2015 everywhere… voting is now closed!


For those who don’t know, the Council of Setons is the group that will oversee FAF moving forward.   Ultimately we will have 8 members.  Today we have:

  • BRNKoInsanity as the Promotors Councilor (overseeing promotion of FAF)
  • Rienzilla as Server Councilor (focusing on the server management itself)
  • Sheeo as System Software Councilor (focusing on the client/server software)
  • visionik (myself) as Administration Councilor (focusing on general administration)
  • voodoo as Moderators Councilor (focusing on Moderation)


After this vote is done we will add the Players Councilor.  The Council will then pick two additional councilors a Patch and Balance Councilor and a Maps and Mods Councilor.

While everyone on the Council is expected to serve the players of FAF, the Players Councilor is entirely focused on FAF players and what they want.  For example, Sheeo needs to focus on players – but after he considers how easy/realistic it is to write the code to do something.     The Players Councilor is pure player-focus all the time.

If you have any questions, any problems voting, or any other suggestions at all please bring it up in FAF chat, PM me, or at this forum link: