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Hey guys, and a happy Monday to you! (or bastard child of the week to you, depending on your feelings about the day)

We all know that there is a wiki for everything, but perhaps you have not visited the FAF wiki. Up till recently, the wiki was TERRIBLY out of date, but thanks to a dedicated group of individuals this is no longer the case! There is a ton of useful information over there that you are welcome to read through, as well as some background, lore, and behind the scenes info on the story of the game. Check out the link below to see what is new!

While many things have been added, fixed, and updated, there is still work to do. Should you choose to do some editing on the wiki, there is an avatar up for grabs for anyone who makes a significant contribution to the project! Help us make this tool as useful as we can, and forward the link to people who are curious to know more about this amazing RTS!