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Development update: Lobby 2.7


So it’s been a few weeks since my last development update, where I wrote about our ongoing efforts with improving how the game establishes connections. We’re still working on this update, coined the ‘Network Update’ and it is coming along nicely!

In the meantime, as a lot of you have noticed, the ingame lobby is in dire need of a update. It has some obvious, annoying bugs and it is painfully slow. We should have this fixed in an upcoming lobby update that is just around the corner.

Over the past few months, along with fixing bugs, our team has been working on improving the performance and visuals of the ingame lobby a bit. It has resulted in more of the panels getting the same look-and-feel as the lobby view:


Screenshot 2015-01-31 19.03.12


Unfortunately, one of our core developers has the flu, so we aren’t able to get this update out as fast as we’d hoped, but we are working hard and fast and it will be coming soon, followed by the Network Update in the near future.


– Sheeo

On behalf of the Council