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Faction Friday!

I am a teensy bit late, but it is still Friday so here we go!

This time around we are showcasing the overpowered underdogs of the SupCom universe, the Cybrans!

Thanks again to Blackster/Ninrai for these awesome faction logo pics! Today we feature the Brick. FAFer Entau sent in his desktop background, and claims that bricks are king!

Sick profile etch!

The Brick may well lay claim to the title of King, as it is definitely one of the most well rounded units in the game. With a blistering 375 dps and the health to rival even the mighty Percival, this super-tanky unit can take on all comers! This is one of only two non-t4 units that can survive an Overcharge blast (at 4 vet), and it also has torps and torp defense to save itself from minor naval ambushes while traversing the sea floor. While it does lose to the percy one on one, the Brick is much more able to protect itself from lower tier units with its extremely high rate of fire. Hello walking point defense!

Remember to submit any cool screenshots or pictures to me at [email protected] if you want them included in the Faction Friday features!