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Faction Fridays!

It is that day of the week again! As we all kick off the weekend, enjoy a little slice of Forged Alliance, this time featuring the aliens that invaded our game!

So today I have a screenshot for you guys from a game with RKS explosions on. If you haven’t tried explosions you really should! There are some AMAZING effects in that mod, and also some really hilarious things that happen, like what is pictured below. What has happened, is that an air factory was killed while producing an ASF, and the plane was left hanging in the air without the factory to build it.

I love this picture, because it looks like the ASF is materializingĀ from the gates of desolation, or some such thing šŸ˜€

There is an entire thread full of epic screen shots on the forum, and if you haven’t checked it out already you should head over there for a look! Feel free to contribute any pictures that you have!

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