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Patch 3644, 3645 beta, Client 0.10.124 updates

Today comes with a bit of a bunched update. We’re releasing patch 3644, which fixes some issues that players have been observing with AI’s (Full changelog in the end of this post).

We’ve restructured the list of featured mods. In the future, the upcoming balance patch will be the topmost mod, and named FAF (beta). The normal, most recently released version, will be immediately beneath, and just named “FAF”.

The normal version is what is used for ladder, and custom games that opt to use it. You can always see which patch number is in use in the top-left corner of a lobby, if you’re in doubt.

Patch 3645 Beta

See for changes.

Patch 3644


  • AI now works again
  • Unpausing engineers works again
  • Units currently being built no longer hang around when transferring or reclaiming the factory the were being built in.
  • Seraphim units render correctly on medium fidelity


  • Jammer field from crystal now stops working when the crystal is reclaimed
  • Jammer crystal reclaim increased to (5000e, 50bt)


  • Ckitching
  • Sheeo
  • CodingSquirrel
  • Crotalus
  • Speed2

Client 0.10.124


  • Main featured mods are ordered differently

Client 0.10.123


  • Map previews for undownloaded maps work again


  • Ability to sort active games by number of players / game quality and average rating
  • Ability to hide private games
  • Games will launch slightly faster


  • HaraldWeber
  • Dragonfire
  • Sheeo