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Your New Balance Councilor – Zocky Zock

Hi everyone –

After a way-too-long process (with apologies, I had the big distraction of selling a company) the FAF Council has chosen a balance councilor:  Zocky Zock.

I want to sincerely (and I mean sincerely) thank everyone who volunteered for the position.   I hope that everyone who did so will join with Zocky Zock to create a balance team we all will love.

While we are talking about councilors, I wanted to detail some of my thoughts on what a councilor will do.  In short, each councilor should:

  1. Oversee a team in their area of responsibility.
  2. Bring up issues in their area of responsibility that are strategic or contentious and should be voted on by the full council.
  3. Participate in other strategic or contentious discussions with the council.
  4. Help with the ongoing management and growth of FAF.
  5. Above all else: make sure FAF is increasingly fun for as many players as possible.

Many of you have not seen much of Zock recently; we’ve had a good discussion with him and he is going to be able to spend much more time on FAF and balance than he could in the recent past.

Completely separate from the above, BRNK is resigning from the role of Councilor of Promotion.   BRNK has a lot of new things going on in his “real life” and realized he just wouldn’t have time to do best he could.   I want to thank BRNK for all he has done for the FAF community, and hope to see more of him in the future!

Again, than you * 100 to everyone who volunteered to be the Councilor of Balance, and I really do hope everyone who was interested will work together to create a great balance team.