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3644.1 UI update

We’ve released a minor update for 3644 containing just some UI fixes:

  • “More unit info” mod has been improved and integrated. It’s on by default, but can be turned off in the “interface” section of game options
  • We now have an improved mod manager that allows us to blacklist incompatible mods, which should help with alleviating some problems people have been having with outdated UI/normal mods.
  • Old versions of maps are no longer displayed in the map options dialog in the lobby (There’s an option to “Show obsolete”)


Regarding the situation of incompatible mods, we’re working on a means to allow people to play with a version of FAF that is compatible with old mods which haven’t been updated for a long time.

If any developers of these old mods are still around we would love to hear from them and help them get their mods updated!

Thanks a tonne to ckitching and CodingSquirrel for their work!


– Sheeo