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Patch 3646

Hey folks, we’ve pushed patch 3646 as a bugfix update to 3644.

We’re moving to a versioning scheme where even-numbered patches areĀ stable and odd numbered versions areĀ beta.

So 3645 is still the beta patch for the upcoming balance changes–it’s still in testing and we expect it to be ready soon! In the meantime, we’ve released patch 3646 as a bugfix update to 3644:

Patch 3646 (August 11, 2015)


  • UEF buildbots no longer explode after being built with ‘no-air’ restriction enabled
  • Commanders no longer explode immediately with the ‘no-land’ restriction enabled
  • Upgraded hives are no longer invincible
  • Destroyer intel works again
  • Beam weapons will no longer keep firing their lasers after designated targets have died
  • Nukes will always penerate personal shields again
  • Paused units which start work on a building will no longer consume resources
  • Coop will freeze less often because of an update to the core game. Please keep testing coop and provide feedback!


  • Units with sonar no longer have it enabled while on land
  • Added ‘no T3 air’ restriction
  • Multiline messages in chat no longer time out faster than non-multine
  • New messages no longer ghost previous ones

Thanks a lot to ckitching, codingsquirrel and bamboofats for their work!


– Sheeo