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Current Beta (3652) + Translation news

Beta (3652)

This beta batch is almost exclusively based on bugfixing and improvements.

The full list of changes is here: 

But a shortlist of the more well-known issues and improvement changes:

  • Chrono Dampener will no longer stun allied units
  • Engineers explicitly told to repair a structure will rebuild it if it’s killed
  • Drones can be hit by interceptors and AA properly
  • Fatboy, Atlantis, Tempest, Czar will now all fire and build at the same time
  • Multi-upgrade: Added UI support to upgrade structures several levels with a single click (i.e: Cybran shields, hives, mexes, factories etc)

There are a lot of changes, many as important as these few, so please make sure the read the full changelog.

This patch will hopefully be deployed by next week, so please test!


Russian Translation

Thanks to the efforts of Exotic_Retard, we will see many features added by FAF given Russian localisation.

ETA on that is in the next week or two.

regards, Gorton, Icedreamer