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FAF development school

Forum post: 

To participate:

PM Softles tomorrow from 19:00 GMT onwards (I’ll be around) if you’re interested in learning how to do FAF development.

Long version:
Since I think people might be interested, I will make myself officially available to help people set up a FAF development environment, starting tomorrow at 19:00 GMT. (We’ll get ourselves a chatroom to do this in, so PM Softles to join)

I’ll go through all the basics to get people set up for development on the client code (That’s the main faf lobby, with #aeolus and things) and be around to point out what bits do what. I’ll also go through how you can get your changes into the main FAF release.

Everyone is welcome, and if there’s interest we can set up more regular meetings.

I only really know about the client code, but if other people want to come along and cover FA lua/server code then that would be awesome.

regards, Softly