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1v1 Trainer/Newbie Tournament

 Start time: Saturday, January 2nd, 4 PM GMT

The players have to sign up on this thread stating their rating and their coaches.

Tournament rules/setup

– 1 vs 1 tournament, Swiss style
– Default settings (non-rated is allowed)
– Observers on
– Your higher rating of global and automatch will be counted
– Maps are chosen from the map pool when the round starts
– Positions will be the 1v1 automatch positions on the maps
– Trainees need 1300 or below rating, and coaches require above 1300 rating.
– The trainer joins the game and immediately ctrl-k – they will start in symmetrical spots.
– Draw is a rematch
– Max time limits: IN-GAME TIME NOT REAL TIME
5×5: 45 minutes
10×10: 75 minutes
20×20: 105 minutes

Map Pool:

Crimson Feud
Forbidden Pass
Niflheim Final II
Open Palms
Theta 5
Bermuda Locket

Players that compete in all rounds will receive the tournament participant avatar

1. Place: Tournament winner avatar
2. Place: Faction face
3. Place: Faction logo
(The player and his coach will receive the avatars)

regards, Gently, theeggroll