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U1500 Weekly Tourney

On the 5/12/2015

More details in the forum thread:

Saturday, 5 PM GMT
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-U1500 ladder ratingMavor

-Players who get caught of artificially lowering their rating will be banned from this and all future tournaments

-Double Elimination (or swiss, up to change)
-Default settings
-If a disconnect results in a loss or a rematch will be decided by the tournament director
-Time Limits per round counting from the start of the round: (NOT ingame time) 30min 5×5, 45min 10×10, 60min 20×20
if time limit is passes, highest score wins
-A draw results in a rematch, but without a time limit increase.
-If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of a TD announcing the round starting the TD may disqualify any players causing delay.

1st place: Tournament winner avatar + Zock lesson
2nd place: A faction avatar of your choice

regards, manread and Zock