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2v2 Tournament

WE WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

27th February, Saturday 4 PM GMT 
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-32 teams maximum
-Both players combined must have under 3500 global rating (exact rating, not the rounded rating to the next 100) on this day (28th January). Gaining or losing rating in the next 30 days has no effect. Players with a very low amount of total or recent games or other indicators of smurfing can be excluded from the tournament
Players who get caught of smurfing or artificially lowering their rating will be banned from this and all future tournaments
-Double Elimination
-Default settings (but full share and score off)
-If a disconnect results in a loss or a rematch will be decided by the tournament director
-If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of a T.D announcing the round starting the T.D may disqualify any players causing delay
-It is forbidden to transfer a significant amount of units to the higher rated person with the purpose of removing the disadvantage of having a lower rated player in the team. 
-The tournament director reserves rights to change rules and exclude or kick players from the tournament if he deems it as necessary. 
-Only 1 player from the team needs to sign up but whoever signs the team up to the tourney needs to post a team name and the names of both players in the team

1st place: 2v2 Tournament winner avatar + $200
2nd place: 2v2 Almost tournament winner avatar + $100
3rd place: A face avatar of your choice +$75
4th-8th place: 25$ each