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Current Coop state – testing required

There are still few things broken with coop missions right now. It’s not possible to host on FAF due to bug after server migration and both coop mod and missions are bit broken. But there is a way around, I’ve put together updated mod and missions, and FAF beta patch that allows to play coop locally. You can play either alone or it’s possible to use LAN/Direct connect if you have some friends to test with. Everything is explained in the forum post below.
So even after the hosting bug gets fixed, coop won’t fully work until new FAF patch is relased (which should been soon™ after everything about server migration is solved.) Meanwhile I’ve decided to use this time for offline testing, so if you’d like to help to sort out everything, follow the instructions in the forum post.
You’ll find there download link with detailed explanation how to use it and ofcourse, changelog to what’s fixed already.

P.S. New Seraphim mission that I’m working on can be found there as well.
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